TERRA MADRE in Tanzania, 29 – 30th of May – Dar Es Salaam

20 May 2009 | English

World Family Center, Regent Estate, Ursino Road Plot nr.55

The right to food and alimentary sovereignty, crucial as well as sensible topics more today than ever before: if food is everyone’s right, the latest alimentary crisis has emphasized the need to give back to agriculture a central role in the Governments’ politics as well as in the practice of those individuals involved.

In many areas of Africa the hope for a better life is tied to the earth and actions regarding sustainable agriculture are strategic within the development of rural integrated projects since they assign priority to alimentary safety and answer the primary needs of the populations.

Today it is important to confront as well as consider sustainable agriculture and protection of biodiversity in Africa as effective instruments to fight poverty and to consider how these may improve the economic conditions of entire communities.

These will be central issues at TERRA MADRE TANZANIA, an event that will take place on the 29th and 30th of May 2009, in the capital Dar es Salam, this will give life to a solidarity network of local food communities.

The event will be two days of cultural meetings and expositions in an African region known for its serious issues but full of great potential, it will deal with the right to food, biodiversity and alimentary sovereignty within the project in part financed by the European Community “ Sustainable agriculture, biodiversity protection and fair trade, together against poverty”. (ONG-ED/2006/120-817) by presenting different experiences regarding sustainable agriculture, conservation of biodiversity and fair trade.
Moreover, its intention is to deal with sustainable development while respecting culture and tradition in an area where CEFA, as a NGO, has been operating for over 25 years.

CEFA is the promoter of the event, a non-government organization with an experience of over thirty years in the field of rural development through central actions on agriculture.
International Slow Food and Slow Food Foundation have been active for years in the defence of agricultural biodiversity.
Fair trade Italy, a consortium for the certification of fair trade commerce as a demonstration of how different realities can set a positive example of cooperation and participation.

The real main characters of this event are about 100 small producers, spokespeople of the international cooperation from “food communities” and operators in the organic field, coming from all over the country that operate in the aim to carry out the concept of the right to food and the alimentary sovereignty, they will confront each other on crucial issues like local production and consumption.

The event patronized by the Italian Embassy in Dar es Salam sets an important breakthrough for the development of the territory: the birth of Convivium Slow Food Asilia the first in Tanzania. Once again in the center there is agriculture as a development engine.

To participate at the convention and for information:

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Slow Food
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