Switzerland at Cheese 2015 – Bra, Italy, 18-21 September

31 Aug 2015 | English

A delegation from Switzerland is set to take part in Cheese 2015, the biennial international event dedicated to milk in all its shapes and forms to be held in Bra, Italy from Friday, September 18 to Monday, September 21, 2015.

Slow Food Presidia

The Presidia stalls will be located in via Marconi and via Principi di Piemonte. From the Swiss Alps three Slow Food Presidia will attend the event.

The Mountain Pasture Sbrinz Presidium protects cheeses made from the milk of three mountain dairies, aiming to raise the profile of this excellent cheese among consumers in Switzerland and elsewhere, distinguishing it from the mass of industrialized Sbrinz that dominates the market. Location at Cheese 2015: Via Marconi (P35).

Also the traditional Emmentaler is resisting industrial standardization thanks to a group of small-scale cheesemakers who decided to use only raw milk and to produce it in natural cellars where expert affineurs (cheese agers) cure them for at least 12 months. This process assures a bronze-colored and polished rind, a hard paste with regular and well-defined holes, and an intense nutty flavor, which lingers on the tongue. Location at Cheese 2015: Via Marconi (P35).

The Raw Milk Vacherin Fribourgeois of the Slow Food Presidium is one of the very few vacherin fribourgeois prepared exclusively with raw milk. The minimum time of ripening is three moths, as after 90 days the vacherin fribourgeois expresses all its characteristics, in particular the alluring sweetness which derives mainly from the delactosage technique: the washing of the curd. Location at Cheese 2015: Via Marconi (P34).


The Cheese Market, with over 3,000 m² of exhibition space, will host cheesemakers, herders, dairy farmers and affineurs from all over the world. Among the Swiss exhibitors there will be:

JumiLocation at Cheese 20015: Via Audisio (BE 52).

Mundig Switzerland’s Finest Location at Cheese 2015: Piazza Roma (BE 18).

Formaggio Svizzero – Switzerland Cheese Marketing Location of the stand at Cheese 2015: Via Audisio (BE 47 – BE 48).

Dinner Dates

Dinner Dates are organized in collaboration with Albergo dell’Agenzia in Pollenzo and the Academic Tables (Tavole Accademiche in Italian) at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo. 

A Swiss in East London (Sunday, September 20, 2015 – 8:30 pm Tavole Accademiche) After various experiences around Europe, including at the two Michelin-starred Ledbury in London, Swiss-Italian Giorgio Ravelli, 31, took over the kitchen at Ten Bells in June 2012. A historical East London gastropub near Spitalfields, it is said that Jack the Ripper’s victims drank regularly here. Giorgio recently left to set out on a new adventure, opening Brooksby’s Walk in a former public toilet in Clapton. Being Swiss, he claims that cheese holds no secrets for him.

The full program of the events is available online at: http://cheese.slowfood.com/en/

To apply for accreditation for Cheese, please visit the following website:


Cheese 2015 has been made possible by the support of companies who believe in the future of the quality dairy sector, including the Official Partners: Consorzio Parmigiano Reggiano, Lurisia, Pastificio Di Martino and Radeberger Gruppe Italia.

Cheese, the international biennial event organized by the City of Bra and Slow Food, will be held in Bra, Italy, from Friday, September 18 to Monday, September 21, 2015. Dedicated to milk in all its shapes and forms, the event has led to the formation of an international network of cheesemakers and dairy artisans, and is currently in its tenth edition.

For further information, please contact the Slow Food International Press Office:

Paola Nano, +39 329 8321285, [email protected]

Città di Bra: Raffaele Grillo – Elena Martini, +39 0172 438278, [email protected]

Slow Food involves millions of people who follow the philosophy of good, clean and fair food. The network is made up of enthusiasts, chefs, experts, young people, food producers, fishers and academics in over 150 countries. It includes 100,000 Slow Food members worldwide, who belong to 1,500 local chapters. Their membership fee helps to fund the association, and they participate in many locally organized events. The network also includes the 2,000 Terra Madre food communities, who are committed to sustainable, small-scale food production.


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