– the English Slow Food site is about to be launched!

02 Apr 2001 | English

Slow Food has a brand new website, with a new layout, new contents, new concepts.
New looks, same address,
Online from 5 APRIL, the new site will be the movement’s looking glass, offering Slow Food’s view on topical facts; a window open onto the world and a direct link for all Slow Food members.
Here the site map:
Home Page Site surfing options – from Slow Food in Italy and Worldwide to the Store to About Us to the Site Map – plus a cover photo, (commissioned from the world’s most distinguished food&wine photographers) leading you into Sloweb, an on-line daily newspaper with news and articles by specialists and connoisseurs from all over the world. A white column on the right-hand side of your screen will feature updates on all the most important Slow Food events and initiatives, while a section at the bottom of the screen, Menu of the Week, will offer four specially selected recipes (antipasto, first course, main course, dessert).
Slow Food in Italy and Worldwide Full details of all the various Slow Food convivia (each with its own Home Page) with information about events and initiatives, as well as suggestions about where to eat, shop and stay in all the areas in question.
Slow Food editore Fact sheets about and reproductions of the covers of all Slow Food Editore publications, plus on-line editions of our three magazines: Slow, Slowine and L’Arca.
Slow Food Award Profiles of the winners of the Slow Food Award, plus loads of news and a press reviews about what is already one of the most important cultural initiatives in the history of Slow Food.
Press Office A full archive of Slow Food press releases and a collection of articles about Slow Food in Italy and worldwide.
Ark and Presidia Two major Slow Food projects, the Ark of Taste and Slow Food Presidia, designed to save and protect traditional foods and produce in danger of extinction.
Major Events Slow Food events: from the Salone del Gusto to Cheese, from the Game of Pleasure to Superwhites etc.
Taste Education From the Masters of Food to school training syllabuses, from the major Agenzia di Pollenzo project to the Master Italian Cooking course in Jesi, Italy, a section entirely dedicated to taste education, one of the cornerstones of the Slow Food philosophy.
Our PickRegister at Our Pick and you have access to a region by region map of Italy which leads you, in turn, to our experts’ choice of all the country’s best typical restaurants, food shops, cheese producers, wine makers and so on.
Sloweb An international daily newspaper on food and wine topics with contributions from distinguished journalists and experts worldwide.
Vino Weekly reviews of Italian and international top wines, everyday wines, profiles of the top names in wine, fact sheets on the Wines of Italy three-glass winning wines, Italian grape varieties and denominations, Winews (news flashes about the world of wines) and The Pleasure of Wine (our on-line wine tasting course).
Store The chance to buy, on-line, all Slow Food Editore publications and gadgets and, last not least, to become a member of Slow Food.

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