Slow Food on Scottish TV

24 Apr 2005 | English

Scottish TV’s Scotland Today news programme yesterday spoke of the appointment of Fiona Richmond as Slow Food’s first UK director.

The item began by decrying the current state of food in Scotland.

‘Scotland’s appalling health record on obesity, heart disease and cancer are often blamed on our love of fast food. But one group believes it can not only help reduce our waistlines, but also change the way we buy and enjoy food and drink.’

It then went on to describe Fiona Richmond as ‘a woman on a mission … [who] … believes many people have lost sight of the importance of taking time to enjoy their food, as well as caring about how it is produced.’

It [Slow Food] encourages people to eat locally, eat seasonally, eat direct from producers,” said Fiona, “and above all it tries to elevate the quality of our food and really remind people why it’s so important to enjoy good food and take time to taste new flavours.

‘Whilst our love of burgers and pizzas will continue,’ concluded the item, ‘Slow Food is gathering significant support, with Prince Charles tipped to become its spokesman at its official UK launch later this year.’


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