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17 Dec 2001 | English

A year ago, Cinema Corto in Bra and Slow Food joined forces to design the first international short movie competition devoted entirely to the love of food. The short films submitted for consideration (not documentaries!) must be built around the rite of food as an expression of a culture or a form of learning, of a technique or of an emblematic element of a social condition. Or, submissions can be films that position food in a magical and/or romantic vision of existence. Or else – why not? – as a passion and/or obsession, the source of sacred or profane veneration and/or dedication.

In short, the basic idea is to raise the profile of the cultural component of food – to put our brains and our mouths on the same circuit and see what happens. We want films that delight the eyes and intrigue the palate – and to communicte how eating isn’t only a matter of filling up the tank with fuel. Instead (as Slow Food has always maintained) it is a matter of culture. Cuisine is a complex and ancient language that everyone can speak but that only a few can transform into poetry. Like man himself, cuisine and gastronomy embody ancient knowledge. Now is the time for young film makers to come to terms with food, and Slow Food on Film wants to offer them the first international opportunity to do just that. The deadline for submissions has been extended to the 31st of January.

The first edition of Slow Food on Film is fast approaching – the event will be held from April 18th to 21st in Bra (a small town in Piedmont, Italy, home to the International Slow Food movement). Slow Food on Film is part of the fourth Cinema Corto in Bra Festival (Bra Short Movie Festival), – which also features competitions in Italian short movie screenplays and Italian and European shorts. All the films in the competition for the food category will be projected on line on the International Slow Food site. In addition to receiving the Gold Snail award, the winner will receive a cash prize of 5,000 euros, and their film will be promoted in all of Slow Food’s major international publications and on its website. Films in any format will be admitted. They should last no longer than 20 minutes and be subtitled in English (or Italian). The president of the jury for Slow Food on Film will be Vincent Schiavelli, one of the most celebrated character actors in Hollywood (his roles include Fredrickson in One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, the valet of Salieri in Amadeus, Bullet Bob in Blade Runner, the train ghost in Ghost, dr. Kaufman in 007, Tomorrow Never Dies and many others). In addition, Mr. Schiavelli has distinguished himself as a cookbook author and great enthusiast of food and wine.

For info: [email protected]

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