People’s Expo: Allowing People’s Voices to Be Heard

26 May 2015 | English

People’s Expo – the international forum of the civil society and farmers’ movements – will be held from Wednesday, June 3 to Thursday, June 5, 2015 in Milan, at the Fabbrica del Vapore. The event will provide an opportunity to respond to the challenge launched by Expo 2015 “Feeding the Planet” by implementing the principles of food sovereignty and environmental justice.

The People’s Expo Committee, officially established in November 2012, includes over 40 Italian non-profit organizations, including Slow Food. It has underwritten a Manifesto indicating solutions to be implemented, to eventually achieve recognition of the right to appropriate food and fair and sustainable use of natural resources.

Dozens of international networks, including 150 delegates from all over the world will gather in Milan to share experiences, projects and strategies aimed at feeding the planet and assuring energy for life to future generations.

During the event several important issues will be discussed, such as fighting water and land grabbing, endorsing agroecology, promoting fossil fuel phase out, supporting sustainable consumption and denouncing free trade agreements, financial speculation and corporate driven development. For more details the timetable of the event is already online. On Thursday, June 4 from 10.45 Carlo Petrini will hold the conference “Protecting Biodiversity and Farmers’ and People’s Rights to Genetic Resources”.  

Among the delegates:

–  Aida Baimakova (Coordinator of Slow Food Youth Network Astana in Kazakhstan and daughter of Gulmaira Baimakova – community coordinator of the Akmola Traditional Dairy Producers)

– Dominique Plédel Jónsson (Trustee of Slow Food Reykjavik in Iceland)

– Joris Lohman (Member of the Executive Committee of Slow Food International, where he represents the Slow Food Youth Network)

– John Kariuki Mwangi (Vice President of the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity and Slow Food International Councilor for East and Central Africa)

– Olatilo Benjamin Olaniran (Slow Food Coordinator in Nigeria)

– Maia Stamateli (Trustee of Slow Food Tbilisi in Georgia)

– Pauline Elizabeth Terbasket (Okanagan Nation Alliance)

People’s Expo believes that Expo 2015 should represent a turning point in global commitment in terms of achieving the goals relating to environmental sustainability, fighting poverty and sustainable development. People’s Expo aims to have people’s voices heard in order to influence governments’ choices in fighting inequality and guaranteeing food security, not just to a fortunate minority but to the whole population of the planet, including more than a billion people who, today, are food insecure.

Expo 2015 won’t be the final step but one of many along a common path shared by civil society, institutions and companies, towards two important UN summits of the year: the Post-2015 Development Agenda and the Global Agreement on Climate Change. 

For further information, please contact the Slow Food International Press Office:

Paola Nano, +39 329 8321285 [email protected]

Slow Food involves over a million of people dedicated to and passionate about good, clean and fair food. This includes chefs, youth, activists, farmers, fishers, experts and academics in 158 countries; a network of around 100,000 Slow Food members linked to 1,500 local chapters worldwide (known as convivia), contributing through their membership fee, as well as the events and campaigns they organize; and over 2,500 Terra Madre food communities who practice small-scale and sustainable production of quality food around the world.

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