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06 Apr 2011 | English

Slow Food has long promoted information campaigns for consumers. When it comes to foods from the sea, seasonality is encouraged, with an emphasis on the importance of choosing delicious fish species often ignored by the market and raising the profile of artisanal fishers. The choices of consumers and cooks are fundamental to reducing the exploitation of our seas and promoting the consumption of sustainable fish. The Slow Fish campaigns ( are aimed at precisely this audience.
An important educational role can be played by cooks, who should undertake to adopt a responsible supply policy, serving dishes using little-known but tasty fish. It is therefore essential that they have accurate information about sustainable fishing and aquaculture, and that they establish stable relationships with fishermen and suppliers who can provide quality products. A selection of chefs who are already following these principles will have a high-profile space at Slow Fish, the Alliance Osteria, where they will be serving Italian and international seafood dishes prepared with Presidia products.

Fare’s Fair Goes On

After its 2009 success, Slow Food will be relaunching the Fair’s Fare campaign, aimed at raising awareness among consumers and helping them choose which fish to buy. The initiative includes a guide, downloadable from:
The first in a series, it is easy to consult and brings together pleasure and responsibility, teaching consumers how to buy fish and giving them valuable advice about what fish to avoid to protect our seas. The first part of the guide is dedicated to preparation before purchasing, with chapters on identifying good fishmongers, choosing local and seasonal fish, researching the proper size for different species and how to save money when shopping for fish. The second part of the guide contains a list of fish that should not be bought, and why they are not recommended. Finally there is a list of the “yes” fish that can be eaten without hesitation. As befits a gastronomic approach, simple recipes for delicious dishes based on sustainable fish are also included.
The Taste Workshop “Let’s Eat Them All” on Monday May 30 at 3 pm will be offering entertaining provocation.

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