Dinner Dates and Cooking School at Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre 2014

01 Jul 2014 | English

The 10th edition of Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre (SDG/TM), which will be held from October 23-27 in Turin, Italy, focuses on the world of food biodiversity to raise awareness about the spectrum of traditional tastes not commonly included in the industrial food system. Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre, a world meeting of food communities, aims to promote artisanal products and give visibility to small-scale producers who are often denied access to selling their products on the market. At SDG/TM 2014, several famous chefs from different countries will take on the task of interpreting traditional local products and demonstrating their different possible uses as part of the Cooking School sessions and Dinner Dates program.

A new arrival at this year’s Salone del Gusto, the Cooking School is an evolution of Taste Education, Slow Food’s approach to food education. The Cooking School aims to subvert the relationship between chefs and the public, with participants getting actively involved in the preparation of dishes as if they were in a real restaurant kitchen. The Cooking School sessions include a number of Leftover Cooking events dedicated to cooking with food scraps and demonstrating alternative ways of using products to avoid waste. Find the full list of Cooking School sessions here: http://www.salonedelgusto.com/events/cooking-school/

As in previous years, a number of Dinner Dates will also take place. These dinners provide participants with an opportunity to taste new flavors and spices, learn about various ethnic and regional cuisines, and discover different cooking techniques and pairings. Find the complete Dinner Dates program here: http://www.salonedelgusto.com/events/dinner-dates/

Here is a sample of activities:

Leftover Cooking Sessions 

The Thousand Uses of Rice Gilberto Venturini

Did you know that leftover boiled rice with the addition of a few other ingredients can easily be turned into rice gnocchi served in a simple broth? In this journey through rice-based leftover recipes, Gilberto Venturini, together with his wife Marcella Cicognetti, will demonstrate ingenious recipes from the north to the south of Italy.

Reinterpreting Pasta Antonio Tubelli

Pasta leftovers are untapped resources with which one can often prepare dishes to rival the original. Together with Antonio Tubelli, chef of the Neapolitan restaurant Timpani e Tempura, you can discover that pasta lends itself to being transformed and reworked into a myriad of delicious renditions.

The Brazilian Experience Regina Tchelly

Chef Regina Tchelly is an interpreter of the new Brazilian food scene and the mastermind behind the Favela Organica project that is turning food waste into organic dishes in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas. Regina will demonstrate how just a few simple ingredients can be the starting point for tasty dishes such as cabbage and eggplant cannelloni and potatoes au gratin with peppers.

Which Fish? Alice Delcourt

Unfortunately, only a few of the thousands of edible fish species available find their way onto our plates. Chef Alice Delcourt, founder and chef of the restaurant L’Erba Brusca in Milan, will lead you on a discovery of dishes that utilize neglected species of fish.

Creativity in the Kitchen: Ethnic Food and Cooking with a Theme

La Francescana Smells of Roses Chef Massimo Bottura from Osteria Francescana, which claims the third spot in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list

A continuous flux of ideas, abounding at breakneck speed, for Chef Massimo Bottura, the kitchen knows no limits, especially his own. Taking initial inspiration from his hometown of Modena, Bottura’s inventive cuisine travels the world, and his dishes know no limits beyond those of the plates themselves. Pink will be the color of the night and the dinner will focus on the feminine side of Osteria Francescana.

The Italian Presidia Under the Spell of Davide Scabin Davide Scabin

Italian Presidia products, from north to south, will be interpreted through the whimsical and unpredictable mind of Davide Scabin, from the restaurant Combal.Zero in Rivoli. United by their demand and recognized for their uniqueness, Presidia products will be the umpteenth stimulus for the creative hands, heads and hearts of Davide and his staff.

China is Served

Dishes at Zheng Yang combine spices and ingredients of the Orient with Piedmontese products, Chinese produce grown near Turin and Slow Food Presidia. A thousand different flavors and a variety of dim sum (tapas) immediately prove that you’re dealing with a high quality cuisine, one which melds two traditions while still remaining authentic and true to its roots. The dinner will be paired with various Chinese teas and wines from the Sicilian winery Planeta.

At Dinner with Brussels

Three different nationalities work in perfect unison to create a meal with an explosion of flavors, originality, and high quality ingredients. In Brussels, a crossroads of culture and cuisine, we find Dirk Myny (Restaurant Les Brigittines); Philippe Renoux, a Catalan from Roussillon; and Jean Van Roy (Brasserie Cantillon).

The Essence of Ingredients Josean Alija, owner of Nerua, the restaurant at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao (Spain).

The cuisine of Josean Alija is one of purity and innovation, the product of a continuous study of raw materials. Josean’s approach to gastronomy is physical and mental; every product (of the land) is studied and analyzed in order to distill its essence. The goal here is to better understand which techniques and cooking practices to use to respect the raw ingredient and transform it into a spectacular dish.

Antonia’s Vision Antonia Klugmann

Born in Trieste with roots in Ferrara and in Puglia, chef Antonia Klugmann is a multifaceted person, undoubtedly a woman of great sensitivity. She has spent the past year outside of the kitchen, heading to the garden to learn more about the world of vegetables. In her dishes she aims for profundity of taste and pairings that she deems unique.


Rice School Christian and Manuel Costardi

Italian rice is quickly becoming a commodity, without any real qualitative competition on the market. Some varieties are better than others for certain dishes, and yet typical varieties of Italian rice are disappearing from history. We will go deeper into this theme with chefs Christian and Manuel Costardi of the Hotel Cinzia in Vercelli, in the heart of the Piedmontese rice-growing area.

Vegetarian Options

Vegetable Kingdom Viviana Varese, owner of Michelin-starred restaurant Alice inside Eataly, Milan

Though not a vegetarian, Viviana firmly believes that the future of nutrition and cuisine will be predominantly based on vegetables, grains and legumes. But how to use these ingredients to create a great dish to rival the meat and fish dishes found in top restaurants? Viviana’s passion, creativity and innovative vegetarian recipes provide a lesson that looks to the future.

Sustainable Fish

Mastering Cephalopods Luca Collami

Luca Collami, chef and patron of Ristorante Baldin in Genoa, has always believed in the delicate and precise cooking of fish. For Salone del Gusto, Luca will face an obstacle that has bested many a chef trying their luck with long cooking times: cephalopods. He will teach us how to deal with octopus, squid and cuttlefish, submitting them to short cooking times, thus preserving their flavor and maintaining their soft flesh.

Il Bastimento Within the Walls

Il Bastimento, a seafood bistro in Turin and part of the Slow Food Alliance of Chefs project will host the modern Osteria dentro le Mura (literally “within the walls”), which serves fresh fish. A dinner that speaks of two distinct influences: one from Puglia, the other from Molise. Antonio and Lina Terzano moved to Turin from Termoli and continue to produce masterful renditions of seafood classics from their home region of Molise. Gigi, of the restaurant Il Bastimento, puts forth traditional dishes from Ionic Puglia.

To apply for accreditation for SDG/TM 2014, please visit the following website: http://www.salonedelgusto.com/press/pre-accreditation/

For further information, please contact:

℅ Slow Food Paola Nano, +39 329 8321285 [email protected]

c/o Regione Piemonte: Tel. +39 011 4322549 [email protected]

c/o Comune di Torino: Tel. +39 011 4423605 [email protected]

Organized by Slow Food, the region of Piedmont and the city of Turin in collaboration with the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, the international Salone del Gusto event is coming back to Turin, Italy, this year in its 10th edition. Dedicated to the world of food, Salone del Gusto is once more united into a single event with the international meeting of Terra Madre, the network of small-scale producers from around the world, which is now in its 10th year. Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre 2014 will be held from October 23-27 in Turin’s trade fair Centre Lingotto Fiere and see the presence of over 1000 exhibitors from 130 countries.

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