CHEESE 2001 – Inauguration of Cheese 2001

22 Sep 2001 | English

In front of a packed audience, the third edition of Cheese was officially inaugurated yesterday afternoon in Piazza Caduti per la Libertà, Bra. Numerous local dignitaries were in attendance and the mayor of Bra was the first to speak, welcoming participants and emphasizing Bra’s pride in hosting such an important event. The Italian Minister of Agriculture Giovanni Alemanno then went on to point out how events such as Cheese are a showcase for Italian farming, promising to support further Slow Food initiatives, in particular the University of Taste, scheduled to open in Pollenzo in September 2003. He also stressed that Italy must not be drowned by the ‘wave of globalization’, and that it must give increasing emphasis to its traditional quality produce. In his speech, Carlin Petrini expressed satisfaction for the minister’s words and summed up the guidelines which have led to major Slow Food events such as the Salone del Gusto and Cheese. He also spoke of other initiatives such as the Slow Food Presidia to protect products in danger of extinction and the association’s campaign in favor of raw milk cheese. ‘There’s no point in investing in advertising,’ he exclaimed,’ if you don’t educate the younger generations about food traditions.’ In conclusion, he asserted Slow Food’s intention to defend raw milk cheese worldwide and make sure that national legislations respect the knowhow and flavor that have been consolidated down the ages.

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