British Delegation at Slow Fish 2013 in Genoa, Italy

25 Apr 2013 | English

British chefs, scientists, activists and fishermen will be attending the Slow Fish 2013 event in Italy, representing the significant work being done by the Slow Food network to promote sustainable fisheries and consumption. Organized by Slow Food together with the Liguria Regional Authority, this sixth edition of Slow Fish is being held in Genoa, from May 9-12 at the city’s Porto Antico. Dedicated to the world of fish and marine ecosystems, it will bring together delegations from many countries and offer visitors an open-air market, Water Workshops and much more.

Caroline Bennett, owner of Moshi Moshi restaurant in London and Board Member of Slow Food UK, will be among the British delegates at Slow Fish 2013. Caroline actively supports the local Slow Fish campaign and co-established the Pisces-Responsible Fish Restaurants Initiative with biologist and environmentalist Malcolm MacGarvin, who will also be in Genoa. Bennett and MacGarvin will share their experiences in promoting local sourcing of sustainable fish during the daily Slow Fish network meetings. Chris Bean, a Cornish inshore gill-net fisherman who provides seafood to Moshi Moshi, will also be present.

Also attending from Cornwall are Mithe Dufeil, long-standing local Slow Food member, and chef and leader of Slow Food Cornwall Sanjay Kumar. Known for his campaigns to promote Cornwall sardines and oppose fish waste, Kumar will be preparing fish soup as well as dishes using hake, anchovies and sardines at the Alliance Bistrot, on Friday May 10 at 9pm. The Alliance Bistrot will host around twenty chefs over the course of the event, some of which are members of the international Alliance between chefs and Slow Food Presidia that now involves more than 350 restaurants in Italy, the Netherlands and Morocco. Sanjay will also participate in the Meeting of the Alliance Chefs – open to all chefs from the Slow Food network – which will be held on Friday May 10 at 3 pm, in Sala Auditorium – Muma. 

Lucy Gilliam and Alexandra Geldenhuys, who are involved in the New Dawn Trader project that engages in sustainably transporting goods by sail, will also be present at Slow Fish.

Slow Fish is also an international campaign launched by Slow Food to promote good, clean and fair fish by informing consumers and encouraging interaction between those involved in the world of sustainable fisheries:

The full program of Water Workshops is available on the event website:




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