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29 Nov 2007 | English

Bilbao Exhibition Centre, in conjunction with the Slow Food association and sponsored by the Basque Government, the Regional Government of Bizkaia and Bilbao City Council, hosts the “ALGUSTO” Saber y Sabor (Knowledge and Flavour) Show, a new food and cuisine event, which is a pioneer in the Spanish market, and will be held from 29 November to 2 December 2007 at the Basque exhibition venue.

Bilbao Exhibition Centre will become a cultured space for quality gastronomy and food over these four days. A space which will bring together leading producers who have built up a reputation for quality products and food-preparation processes by encapsulating the very attributes that the Slow Food movement promotes.

At the first edition of the ALGUSTO Show, a total of 242 exhibiting companies from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Holland, Mexico, Peru, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Morocco, Malaysia, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Italy and Spain will participate.

Nineteen major sectors and sub-sectors will be represented at ALGUSTO: Catering Industry, Institutions, Oil Producers, Beverages (Wine, Liqueurs, Water, Cider, Coffee and Tea), the Canning Industry, Perishables (Meat and Cold Meats, Dairy Products, Fish and Seafood, Semi-preserved and Smoked food, Ice-creams, Vegetables and Fruit) and Cakes and Pastries.

This food event will also feature parallel activities in which delicious quality food products, themed menus prepared by illustrious chefs, tasting sessions of an infinite variety of products, cookery workshops, laboratories, in situ demonstrations will be presented.

BEC! In conjunction with the Slow Food association, has prepared a meticulous selection and cataloguing of exhibitors and their products, topics for technical workshops, contents for parallel activities, selection of prestigious restaurateurs and general guidance to establish contacts with experts in this sector on a worldwide scale. Slow Food also organises some of the most important food industry events in the world, including the “Salón del Gusto” (Taste Fair) at the Lingotto in Turin and “Cheese”, held in Bra.


During this new gastronomic edition, a section will be dedicated to what has become known as “Presidia”, specific projects aimed at safeguarding not only native breeds of livestock and vegetable varieties, but also former production techniques, excellent products and areas in which they were produced. This is a space in which the products that are protected and recognised by Slow Food are the main feature, in which producers of diverse Presidia take part, among which the following stand out as native products: Salt from the Salinas de Añana, “Talo”, corn bread, from Mungia Black Ewe’s Cheese from Carranza, Euskal txerria pig, Zalla Red Onions, Tear Peas from the coast of Guipúzcoa, and others such as Dutch Oosterchelde Lobster, native Red Fife Wheat from Canada and Argan Oil from Morocco, among others.


This innovative food and cuisine event includes an area called “Txoko de Algusto” (Gourmet Corner) dedicated essentially to sampling and tasting. It includes a Wine Cellar, an area to find out more about the mysterious world of wine, at the hand of expert oenologists and viticulturists, in vertical tasting of high quality wines and numerous demonstrations which make up the dynamic part. In this area, which is clearly marked in the pavilion, a selection of more than 136 leading wines from around the world, produced from native grape varieties using organic techniques is presented, and includes the different categories of wine: red, white and rosé, sparkling, sweet and full-bodied, among others. Presented by select wineries from different denominations of origin and diverse wine producing countries.

Another section of this “Algusto Gourmet Corner” is dedicated to Home-reared meat in which all types of meat from native breeds of livestock may be tasted, such as the Baby Goats from Azpi Gorri, Betizu Calfs, T-Bone Steak from Bérriz, “Terreña”, “Pirenaica” and “Capones” from Euskal Oiloa during two daily sampling sessions which are held from 12,30pm and between 6.30pm and 8.30pm; and an area to taste 40 types of cheeses made from raw milk from native breeds.


The Taste Laboratory is an adapted instrument to disseminate the culture of food and wine through diverse sensory workshops for adults, with single item or comparative tasting. In the “classrooms” of the Taste Laboratories, located in the BEC facilities, participants can take part in the different laboratories on Traditional Cured Meats, Carpaccio, Ancestral Cereals in Bread Today, Oil Tasting, The Aroma of Coffee, Ecological Spanish Wines, Mycology and our Gastronomy, The potato: A Journey from Andean Lands to Europe, Bubbling Cava made with Native Varieties, Speaking of Spices, Saffron, Salt, Merkel and Pepper, Aragon Wine Region, Raw Milk Cheese, Free-range Meats, Gorrotxategi Artisan Desserts and Confectionery, Sea Delicacies and Craftsman Fishing.

Registration for these laboratories on the web page:


Within the section called “Theatre of Taste”, the preparation of high quality dishes by leading chefs may be observed, who will delight us with succulent proposals such as: Enric Millà, who will present “Stevia, the sweet food revolution”, Josemi Olazabalaga, “Techniques and preparation of Cantabrian fish”, Daniel Cascán “I like Suckling Lamb from Aragon”, Bixente Muñoz, “The innovation of the “pintxo” (appetizer) from Gipuzkoa”.


During ALGUSTO, nine restaurateurs of international prestige such as: Josean Martinez Alija of the Guggenheim Museum restaurant; Aitor Elizegi, of Gaminiz restaurant; Ricardo Pérez, of Yandiola restaurant; Eneko Atxa of the Azurmendi Restaurant; Aitor Elola, of the Goizeko Kabi restaurant; Pablo Loureiro, of the Branka restaurant; Federico Pacha, of the Morgan restaurant; Luis Angel Plágaro, of the Plágaro restaurant; José Antonio Merino, of the Marmitako restaurant, offer their culinary knowledge to lovers of good food, in their respective restaurants, enabling them to sample exquisite and unique menus prepared with the finest quality products, which are recognised as SLOW FOOD products.


On the other hand, two different menus will be prepared daily in the Bilbao Exhibition Centre restaurant, with exclusive dishes prepared using Slow Food products such as Tolosana Beans, Ovella Majorcan red cheese, Zalla Broad Beans, Eggs and Capon from Euskal oiloa, Tomato from Getaria, Salt from Mota, Anchovies from the Bay of Biscay, Zalla red onions, Smoked Blue Fish, Basque Green Leek, Dwarf Chard from Derio, Ewe’s Cheese from Carranza and Cacao from Collares, among other products.

There are two prices for these menus: 26 euros and 39 euros plus VAT (wine not included).

These menus may be reserved by:

Mail: [email protected] and by telephone on: 662 37 02 40 94 424 90 59


Diverse themed meetings will be held during ALGUSTO with four different subjects: “Biodiversity and Eco-gastronomy”, “Rural Tourism and Local Produce”, “From the Kitchen to the Country and from the Country to the Kitchen”, “Native Wines and Grapes of Spain”, “Food Safety and Innovation in Artisan Preparation” which will be presented by expert advisers from different gastronomic organizations. The Argentinean film, “Semillas Negras” (Black Seeds) will also be shown.


It is also planned to include children (6 to 12 years old) via the Understand, Play, Create, EATING IS FUN Educational Programme. However, this programme is designed so that adults approach these activities presented at the BEC in a fun way. In this space, parents and teachers, in addition to sharing the programme with children, will find a different method of encouraging food habits which may later be put into practice at home and at school. A wide programme of creative experiences has been developed, such as producing plays with vegetables, or the design of labels for autochthonous products. Furthermore, visitors to this space will be given a bilingual guide, educational material with basic information on healthy eating.


ALGUSTO aims to showcase “sensible” Food and Cuisine, promote the crossover and enriching of cultures through cuisine and transmit a sustainable and environmentally friendly way of life. Therefore, visitors will have the chance to sample and buy the finest and most succulent products from all around the world, such as Rimbas Black Pepper from Malaysia, Blue Egg Hen from Chile, Siwa Dates from Egypt, Irish Raw Milk Cheese, Andean Kañihua from Peru, Chinantla Vanilla, Mesquite and Tecahuán Amaranto, as well as Waraná and Sateré Mawé Bee’s Honey, Barú Nut and Umbú from Brazil, Cardamomo from Guatemala, Cacao from Ecuador, Sierra Cafetalera Coffee from the Dominican Republic, Oil from Argan, Humahuaca Quebrada Sweet Potatoes and Robinson Crusoe Island seafood and Merquen from Chile, Mouton Barèges-Gavarnie, Lentille Blonde de la Planèze, Artisan Somerset Cheddar and Three Counties Perry from the United Kingdom, among others.


Visitors to Algusto will have the opportunity to purchase the products on display and to participate in taste workshops and laboratories, find out more about the world of wine in the “Wine Cellar” and watch culinary demonstrations by top chefs.

In short, this new initiative, organised jointly by the Bilbao Exhibition Centre and Slow Food, aims to showcase “sensible” Food and Cuisine, promote the crossover and enriching of cultures through cuisine and transmit a sustainable and environmentally friendly way of life.
Algusto is open to the general public, and visitors will have the opportunity to sample and purchase some of the most succulent foodstuffs.

Entrance tickets may be purchased at the authorized ticket offices at the BEC exhibition venue, at the following prices:

– Children aged 11 and under: Free
– 11 to 18-year-olds: 5 €
– Over 18’s: 8 €
– 4-day Pass: 16 €
– Slow Food Members: 6 €
– 4-day pass for Slow Food Members: 12 €

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