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World Disco Soup Day, the food-saving event launched by the Slow Food Youth Network movement, is turning 7 this April, and the community is ready to celebrate it. This year, with a wider turn of the theme towards the climate crisis and how to help mitigate it.


With all 6 continents involved with the event, 100 disco soups already registered and more than 1000 activists ready to save food on April 29th, Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) is all ready to celebrate. SFYN is the youth branch of Slow Food, which works towards good, clean and fair food for all.


World Disco Soup Day is SFYN’s largest collective effort to combat food waste and the climate crisis: it’s the day when the SFYN communities organise huge parties and turn food waste into “Disco Soups” creating awareness and educating a wider audience.

Starting as a physical ‘’protest soup’’ at its origins, and following along via social media through Covid times, today World Disco Soup Day is an event where people from all over the world gather locally or more privately to fight food waste and have a good time celebrating their love and respect for food.


There is also an official map of the participants: you can find it here. We invite everyone to look for SFYN communities near them and join the party, or to register their own activity on the map! Today, our SFYN communities are more than 80 in all over the world.

And just like every year, we have an official shared playlist for everyone to add songs and jam together, while celebrating their collective or individual Disco Soups: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4kpxdeCOaIVSzp85ImC1tw

Why Disco Soups?

The aim of a Disco Soup is to save food from being discarded from markets of all kinds and restaurants, in order to give the scraps a new life and enjoy some good food together, eventually with a big ‘’Soup’’ and while partying, like in a ‘’Disco’’.  It shows a fun way to save food and to reflect on how much food goes wasted on the daily, while cooking and dancing together.

SFYN is closer than you think!

On Saturday 29th April, the global campaign against food waste will see activists and friends of Slow Food Youth Network from all over the world participating and sharing their celebrations with the community.


After 20,000 kg of food being saved last year, today SFYN communities from more than 30 different countries covering all 5 continents have already registered their official local Disco Soup 2023 celebrations: publicly or privately, World Disco Soup Day is available for everyone.


Some examples of interesting events happening are:

  • ‘’We feed the planet 2023’’ in Hanoi, VIetnam – Organised for the first time in 2015 by Slow Food International and Slow Food Youth Network, in collaboration with Hanoi’s Slow Food community, WFTP is hosting a 5 days long event from april 29th to May 3rd, were they’ll celebrate World Disco Soup Day along with educational activities on Slow Beans, Slow Bee and Slow Coffee.
  • Slow Food Deutschland in Kirchberg (Germany) – Known for their big outdoor events, the community will celebrate at Castle Kirchberg with a live DJ set (link).
  • SFYN Tokyo (Japan) – They will hold their Disco Soup in collaboration with “StockBase”, a corporation launched by students of Yokohama City University, which delivers unneeded emergency supplies that companies stock, to local food support societies, such as food banks.
  • NOSH Food Rescue NPC in Midrand (South Africa) – The social enterprise will prepare the food surplus collected from the “Culinary Passions School of Hospitality” in Midrand
  • A big public Disco Soup at the Griftpark in Utrecht, The Netherlands (link).


A full month celebration

This year, we shared via our social media four different recipes coming from the recently published Disco Soup Cookbook, which contains more than 100 recipesall made with fruit and vegetable scraps, and challenged our community to recreate those recipes and eventually join a social media awareness campaign. During the whole month of April, our pages will be full of interesting food saving methods, interviews, and Disco Soup content on #WorldDiscoSoupDay.


Be sure to follow us on

Instagram: @slowfoodyouthnetwork

Twitter @SFYNetwork

And join our Telegram group @sfynterramadre !


Dive into the project: virtual activities on the 29th of April

Following the theme ‘’the climate crises and how reducing food waste can help mitigate it’’, we have arranged a list of activities on Saturday April 29th to attend virtually. Among these there are:  calls about fermentation with experts, chats on how to reuse coffee grounds and a virtual hangout with the Meatless Monday team, to help us fight actively towards climate change by transitioning to a diet richer in plant based protein.


On different hours of the day, according to different time zones, many live streams with the SFYN communities from all over the world will be going on on our instagram profile and telegram channel, with people celebrating WDSD in their own local way and showing us their precious work. SFYN Uganda, SFYN Cochabamba (Bolivia) and SFYN Rome (Italy) are some of the communities we’ll go live with, celebrating together.

Find all the complete schedule of the event here (as it’s constantly updating).



Background and more information about World Disco Soup Day 


Disco Soup started 11 years ago in Berlin, Germany, as Schnippeldisko, a “protest soup” against food waste that fed 8,000 people. Since then, Disco Soup events have spread across the world as a fun, meaningful way to bring this crisis into focus. Many different editions have taken place. Each Disco Soup event was individually run, relying on local volunteers to organise every detail, until 2016, when SFYN Brazil organised a national Disco Soup Day.

From 2016 until now, every year on the last Saturday of April we have celebrated World Disco Soup Day. In each edition we had hundreds of Disco Soups organised all over the world and about 50.000 kg of food saved. The 2020 and 2021 were hybrid editions due to the pandemics, so people had the chance to join the campaign individually and make a Disco Soup in their homes with their own leftover food.




Images and designs to use

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Media enquiries and further information 

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