Our Global Movement

Slow Food rallies everyone in the fight for better, cleaner and fairer food: from activists and local groups to partner organizations and institutions.

Diversity is what defines us, and our movement is open to everyone. Local member groups have been the backbone of our movement since its foundation in 1986. But as our movement has expanded, so has its structure diversified.

Whether you want to connect with Slow Food activists in your area, join a community engaged in revolutionizing the food system, or work with people around the world to preserve and promote food heritage, our global movement offers many ways for you to get involved.

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A Global Network of Local Groups

By channeling the power of the collective, we drive the change we need. Our grassroots movemen reaches a million people across more than 160 countries, many of whom amplify their impact as part of communities, convivia or thematic networks.


Slow Food

Communities are groups of people who share our movement’s values and join forces to achieve a specific objective.

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Slow Food

Convivia are the local chapters of our grassroot movement, and are made up of fee-paying members who promote Slow Food philosophy.

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A Thematic Network gathers individuals and local groups to collaborate around a common topic and contribute toward our mission.

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Our Global Network

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Be Part of the Change

Building good, clean and fair food systems takes all of us.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, and however much time you want to give, become a part of that change by joining Slow Food.

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Are You an Individual?

The scale of the challenges we face can make us feel powerless as individuals. But by working together we can make a difference. 

Changing the way we eat, learning about the origins of our food, and taking action for better food systems are just some of the ways we are inspiring individuals to join our collective call for change.

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Are You Part of an Organization or Institution?

We can only achieve lasting change through concerted cooperation with conscientious organizations that believe in making a difference. 

Will your organization play its part in making our food systems sustainable, and in transforming policy into practice through fair and regenerative systems?

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