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Slow Food supports activities around the world through partnerships at local, national and international levels. In a climate in which resource acquisition is increasingly complex, we are working to diversify our funding sources while continuing to implement our international projects.

Our revenues and proceeds derive from

14 %


46 %

Public Authorities / Institutions

34 %


6 %


Our costs derive from

22 %

Network Development

52 %

Programs, Campaigns and Events

6 %


5 %


15 %

Management & Structure

Compliance with Law no. 124/2017 – Italy

In compliance with the provisions of Law No. 124 of 04 August 2017 for the information relating to grants, contributions, paid positions, and in any case economic benefits of any kind received by the Public Administrations, it is noted that Slow Food, Tax Code 91019770048, VAT number 02743970044, in the 2020 financial year collected the following in the 2020 financial year:

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