The gardens of Tunis, Fayoum الفيوم حدائق تونس Tunisia Info

Type: Communities

Convivium leader / spoke person: William Wafeek

The idea of creating community gardens in the area of Tunis, in Fayoum Egypt, took off immediately after a workshop conducted in March 2019. Many of the women who attended the workshop, liked the idea of producing their own food to feed their families and their neighbors. The possibility of selling their surplus to sustain their plots was appealing for the sustainability of the project. The food sovereignty concept behind a community garden took off and now in Fayoum we have 8 gardens that support a number of local families and two families from the area

Tunis, Fayoum تونس الفيوم

Youth Tunis pour une alimentation consciente Tunisia Info

Type: Communities

Convivium leader / spoke person: Maalej Siwar

L'amélioration des modes de consommation de la région et du pays ( vers une alimentation saine, durable et équitable); La Protection et le partage du patrimoine culinaire tunisien; La Valorisation des déchets alimentaires; Le partage des expertises; L'Echange constructif avec les autres cultures et expériences