White Sea Food heritage Russia Info

Type: Communities

Convivium leader / spoke person: Peredriy Ilia

Restoration in the historically determined territories (coast of the White Sea) of the ancient food production techniques: salt, fish, wild plants. Change the world, introducing the production methods linking innovative and traditional gastronomic habits. Use tools of Slow Food (conferences, seminars, gastronomic tourism, etc.) to form respect to the environment and all living things among the young people of White Sea. Promotion of local food.

Youth Network Grow Azov Russia Info

Type: Communities

Convivium leader / spoke person: Antonenko Ivan

Promoting a culture of nutrition that should not be reduced to satisfying hunger. Promotion of regional products manufactured under environmentally friendly conditions, using traditional methods and original recipes. Support for small producers of healthy food without chemical additives (colors, flavors, preservatives, etc.) Protection of biodiversity, endangered species of plants and animals. Organize charitable actions, business events, festivals.