Indigenous Peoples’ Network

The Slow Food Indigenous Peoples’ Network safeguards the rights and traditions of Indigenous peoples in recognition of their role as guardians of biodiversity.

Indigenous communities are at the forefront of territorial encroachment, cultural erosion and economic marginalization. As defenders of diversity, we cannot just sit by and watch. This is why Slow Food provides Indigenous peoples with a platform to make their voices heard. More than 700 Indigenous products have already been onboarded onto the Ark of Taste and more than 50 Slow Food Presidia are run by Indigenous communities. Several Indigenous chefs are also active participants in the Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance.

  • Our Goals

    The Slow Food Indigenous Peoples’ Network (SFIPsN) emerged from Terra Madre, and embodies its vision of bringing Indigenous voices to the forefront of food and cultural debate. It connects Indigenous communities worldwide, as well as partners and organizations that encourage the formal participation of Indigenous Peoples in the Slow Food movement, while developing and strengthening their local and global networks.

    The main objectives of the network are as follows:

    1. To mobilize defenders of Indigenous Peoples’ food systems. First and foremost we aim to recruit and engage a growing number of individuals and communities in advocating for Indigenous food systems.
    2. To cultivate support systems to enable the network’s growth. The network is committed to developing support systems to enable the growth of the network as a hub for project ideas, resources, and contacts for defenders. This involves creating platforms and tools that facilitate information exchange and collaboration among network members.
    3. To raise public awareness about Indigenous rights and food systems. The network strives to raise public awareness about Indigenous rights and the significance of traditional food systems. This aims to promote understanding and support for the causes of Indigenous peoples and their unique food systems.

    As stated in the Shillong Declaration, the Indigenous Peoples’ Network calls on communities to increase their consumption of local foods, thereby keeping people healthy and nutritionally secure, and inspires chefs to use native plants and animal breeds to prepare gourmet meals that can educate consumers.

    The network also advocates for Indigenous peoples to be allowed to continue as custodians of their native lands, so that they may maintain them and the great variety of seeds, animal breeds, fish, bees, and other living organisms that fall under their tutelage.

  • What We Do

  • What You Can Do

    The Slow Food Indigenous Peoples’ Network offers a welcoming, inclusive space for all Indigenous peoples, Afro-descendant communities or individuals who want to defend their food heritage, language and culture in the face of threats that put them at risk.

    Here’s how you can support it.

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