Slow Fish 2023 – Coast to coast


01 Giu - 04 Giu 2022

Slow Fish takes place every two years in Genoa, and aims to promote the city and its gastronomic culture. In addition to Genoa, Slow Fish also works to give a prominent role to other port cities and their iconic recipes, from the bouillabasse of Marseille to mussels of Taranto, or the cassopipa of Venice. Cities play a prominent role in our vision of interconnections as the scene of so much human exchange – of good, between cultures, and among population. Slow Fish is dedicated to the union of urban and maritime culture, and to multiculturalism.

As always, Slow Fish offers a range of activities for curious foodies, for environmental activists and for children and families. Conferences to explore the theme of interconnections from every perspective. Taste Workshops. Guided tastings where you can learn more about and the event’s themes by stimulating the senses and listen to the stories of those who made the products first hand. Dinner Dates. Meals prepared by great chefs, thanks to whom we may savor the taste of a conscious and environmentally-friendly cuisine that allows you to discover, or rediscover, local excellences. Educational activities for schools and families designed in collaboration with important players in the area, such as the Aquarium of Genoa. There will be room for many other activities, from Slow Fish menus in restaurants, to book presentations and visits to historic stores and guided walks of the city.

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