Education, like food, is a universal right, and the foundation for rethinking our food systems.

We all have the right to pleasure through food. But only by understanding where our food comes from—how it was produced and by whom—we can learn to combine our pleasure with a sense of responsibility.

Slow Food understands the cultural and social value of food, and our belief that food combines pleasure, culture and conviviality is what makes our approach to food education unique.

Read our Slow Food Education Manifesto
  • Our Goals

    Develop communications materials and launch campaigns to increase awareness about the food system and to change behavior;

    Design and deliver educational and training activities as well as experiences to improve knowledge about food — from production to consumption to food loss — and to impact people’s practices and choices;

    Design and deliver educational and training activities for professionals in the food sector in order to reward those who make positive changes in food production, distribution, marketing, consumption, and waste management

  • What We Do

  • What You Can Do

  • Initiatives From The Network

    Our network carries out educational activities in different contexts for different target.  Communities and Convivia worldwide organize Taste Workshops, sensory education activities, trainings for food professional such as producers, cooks and staff of the canteens, activities in schools for students. Here are some examples.

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