Slow Food Coffee Coalition Partners

Together for good, clean and fair coffee

At the heart of the Slow Food Coffee Coalition lies a passionate commitment to sustainability, ethics, and the preservation of diverse coffee cultures worldwide. We believe that every sip of coffee should tell a story of respect for the environment, fairness for farmers, and celebration of cultural heritage. However, achieving this vision requires more than just words; it demands action and collaboration.

Our Partners

The Slow Food Coffee Coalition blossoms also thanks to the diverse and generous support of all partners. Each contribution, whether financial, in-kind, or project-specific, fuels its mission to create a sustainable, equitable, and culturally rich coffee industry. By standing with the Coffee Coalition, partners become integral players in driving positive change, fostering community empowerment, and preserving the unique traditions that make coffee more than just a commodity.

Below, we highlight the various types of support and the incredible impact our partners help us achieve.

  • Economic Supporters

    Financial contributions provide the foundation for Coffee Coalition’s impactful projects and initiatives. Together, we can drive meaningful change in different areas

    Main Partners


  • In-Kind Donors

    Non-monetary contributions play a crucial role in strengthening Coffee Coalition’s capacity to make a positive impact. Whether through equipment, expertise, or resources, support helps us advance the mission.

  • Project-Specific Supporters

    Targeted support for specific initiatives enables the Coffee Coalition to address pressing challenges and seize opportunities in the coffee sector. Join us in making a tangible difference through our own projects.

Why Support SFCC?

Partners play a crucial role in confronting the challenges we face. The only way we can achieve lasting change is through concerted cooperation. That’s why we partner with conscientious companies that help us make a difference.

In particular, the support for the Coffee Coalition is not merely a gesture; it’s a vital investment in a better future for coffee communities and the planet. By aligning with SFCC, you are:

  1. Driving Positive Change: Your partnership fuels SFCC’s initiatives aimed at promoting biodiversity, empowering farmers, and fostering equitable trade practices within the coffee industry.
  2. Preserving Cultural Heritage: SFCC celebrates the rich tapestry of coffee cultures worldwide. Your support helps safeguard traditional coffee-growing methods, indigenous knowledge, and culinary diversity.
  3. Ensuring Sustainability: Through SFCC, you contribute to the development of sustainable farming practices, mitigating environmental degradation, and combating climate change’s adverse effects on coffee-growing regions.

A partnership with the Coffee Coalition is a testament to your commitment to sustainability, equity, and cultural preservation in the global coffee community.

Together, we can create a world where every cup of coffee tells a story of resilience, respect, and shared prosperity.

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