Collaborating with Slow Food as a Company

The Slow Food network plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of our food and planet and proudly welcomes all entities that are eager to champion the causes of good, clean and fair food for all, becoming active participants in driving positive change.

There are various ways of working together for sustainability. 

Below are some examples, which do not exhaust the possibilities of collaboration with Slow Food:

Develop Sustainable Products and Systems: partner with Slow Food to develop sustainable products that embody our shared philosophy, improving production standards and fostering engagement across the supply chain. Additionally, actively participate in sustainable development systems by integrating into the supply chain or offering support to enhance local livelihoods and promote sustainability throughout.

Support a Slow Food program or a specific project: you can support a range of Slow Food initiatives, from Food Gardens programs to biodiversity conservation and empowerment endeavors. Join us in fostering sustainability, community well-being, and culinary heritage preservation. Together, we make a meaningful impact.

Be an active part of Slow Food campaigns: join different Slow Food campaigns sharing materials, resources, and call to actions. Together, we can reach a broader audience and have a more significant impact.

Participate in International Events: by participating in Slow Food's international events, you'll have a powerful opportunity to get in contact with a global network of interested consumers, food professionals, buyers, media and policymakers and to be inspired for new projects together..

Slow Food offers you the opportunity to be an active part of positive change: by collaborating with us, you can promote biodiversity, support advocacy causes, engage in education, and take concrete actions.

Contact us to explore synergies, join Slow Food today!

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