Food is Culture

It aims to make European citizens aware that food heritage is a means of expressing their belonging to Europe and better understanding the wealth and uniqueness of Europe’s cultural diversity, paying more attention to safeguarding and promoting our shared food heritage.

  • The Project

    The Food is Culture project aims to make EU citizens understand that food heritage is a way to express their belonging to Europe and better understand the richness and uniqueness of its cultural diversity. It is important to take care of the preservation of our shared food heritage and to enhance it. This has been a commitment pursued for years by Slow Food, which has created a collection of local foods that are disappearing in Europe and around the world by cataloguing them in the Ark of Taste. The project’s main activities include a multimedia artwork – the result of contributions from different artists and which will travel to different European countries – a call to action aimed at chefs and school students, the creation of a living library with stories of migrants, and an appeal to European and national institutions highlighting the importance of giving greater priority to safeguarding Europe’s gastronomic cultural heritage on their political agenda.

  • The Partnership

    The Food is Culture project is co-financed by the European Union’s Creative Europe Program, with a contribution from the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo.

    Project partners:

    • Slow Food,
    • Europa Nostra,
    • Kinookus,
    • Nova Iskra Creative Hub,
    • Transpond AB.

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