The ESSEDRA project began in December 2012 to promote rural development and that of small-scale producers in the Balkans and Turkey, through the reevaluation of traditional dishes, products, native species, and the promotion of local food biodiversity.

  • Main Goals

    The project aims to involve the communities themselves in safeguarding the environment and the products that are at risk of disappearing, to limit climate change, and to guarantee a sustainable quality of life for the communities found in that geographic area.

    Objectives: To support the EU integration process by strengthening the capacity of and giving voice and visibility to CSOs in the Balkans and Turkey which focuses on: environment, agriculture, rural development and food quality.

    Specific objectives:  To strengthen the capacities of the CSO’s to provide analysis, strategic advocacy and monitoring of relevant policies related to the food system and the rural development; -To participate in the public debate on sustainable rural development in the Balkans and Turkey and influence policy and decision making process; – To promote better linkages between viable rural communities functioning and resilient local food system, sustainable use of the land and biodiversity conservation; – To raise awareness among Balkans and Turkish citizens on the influence of public policies on their daily lives and on how they can effectively influence the policy formulation and implementation processes

  • The Partnership

    • Slow Food ,
    • EFNCP,
    • Slow Food Bulgaria,
    • ADEPT,
    • Vis Albania,
    • Okusi,
    • Slou Fud Bitola,
    • MDD,
    • Natura Balkanika,
    • Kinookus.

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