Shortening the food supply chain, reducing animal protein consumption, and cutting down on waste are crucial for the future of many European cities and beyond. These efforts aim to create a better, cleaner, fairer, and ultimately more beautiful future.

BEAUTIFOOD engages citizens from all walks of life in meaningful discussions about the impact of our food system on the environment, climate, and public health. Through a series of creative and inclusive events, the project aims to inspire active participation in the democratic process, fostering dialogue between citizens and decision-makers to shape a sustainable future for the European food system.

  • The Context

    The BEAUTIFOOD project is part of a broader movement towards sustainability and environmental protection in Europe. Climate change, biodiversity loss, and food waste are critical challenges that demand immediate action. The European food system, from production to consumption, plays a significant role in these issues. It contributes to approximately 34-37% of global greenhouse gas emissions and is a major factor in biodiversity loss due to intensive farming practices.

    European policies, namely the European Green Deal (EGD) and its Farm to Fork (F2F) strategy, aspire to create sustainable food systems to meet climate targets and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

    The BEAUTIFOOD project aligns with these EU policy priorities by promoting citizen engagement in discussions about the future of the food system. It builds on the momentum generated by the Conference on the Future of Europe, which highlighted the importance of empowering citizens to participate in shaping Europe’s trajectory. The conference concluded that Europeans are eager to build a sustainable and fair future, and the BEAUTIFOOD project aims to turn this vision into reality through active civic participation.

  • Main Goals

    Our project is built around several specific goals designed to engage and empower citizens:

    1. Stimulate reflection and dialogue: through innovative formats such as escape rooms, interactive games, and edutainment activities, we encourage citizens to reflect on the food system’s impact and express their opinions on necessary changes.
    2. Foster democratic participation: by organizing workshops and debates, we facilitate direct dialogue between citizens and local decision-makers. These interactions provide a platform for community members to voice their concerns and contribute to shaping local policies.
    3. Strengthen connections with EU Institutions: the feedback and insights gathered from citizens will be presented to European institutions. This ensures that local voices are heard at the highest levels, contributing to the broader European policy framework.

    Through these efforts, the BEAUTIFOOD project strives to create a more engaged, informed, and active European food community, capable of driving meaningful change towards sustainability and resilience.

  • The Partnership

    Slow Food (Italy)

    TNI (Netherlands)

    Slow Food (Spain)

    Bozar (Belgium)

    Vegetarian Society (Denmark)

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