Collaborating with Slow Food as an Institution

Slow Food firmly believes in the crucial role of public authorities in addressing global food system issues. These institutions wield significant influence in shaping food policies and have the power to foster change.

Slow Food proudly welcomes all entities that are eager to champion the causes of good, clean and fair food for all, becoming active participants in driving positive change.

There are various ways of working together for sustainability. 

Below are some examples on possibilities of collaboration with Slow Food:

Let’s preserve local biodiversity: with your support, you can provide vital resources to help protect biodiversity and preserve our global network and its activities. Your contribution can directly impact the richness of food heritage and the future of the planet. Team up with us to map your local food heritage and learn how to preserve it and promote it to build a more sustainable and resilient food systems, and support your communities to thrive through them.

Develop Projects with Us: Partner with Slow Food in the development of projects that advocate for fair and sustainable food systems. Your collaborative efforts can help drive positive change on a larger scale.

Collaborate with us in various advocacy activities that champion sustainable food systems, engaging with institutions at all levels, from higher authorities to municipalities. Showcase your commitment to good policies and share your achievements, as we work together with a wide spectrum of institutions to make a positive impact.

Be an active part of Slow Food campaigns: support different Slow Food campaigns sharing materials, resources, and call to actions. Together, we can reach a broader audience and have a more significant impact.

Let's raise awareness: through public events, we can jointly raise the awareness of citizens on food sustainability and promote food producers.

Participate in International Events: by participating in Slow Food's international events, you'll have a powerful opportunity to engage directly with citizens and professionals and exchange on solutions.

Together, we can reshape the future of food and promote a more conscious, sustainable world. 

Contact us to explore synergies, join Slow Food today!

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