Slow Food Uganda Hosts the Slow Food Regional Academy for Trainers on Agroecological and Indigenous Peoples’ Food Systems

27 Nov 2023 | English

Slow Food International, Slow Food Uganda and Slow Food Kenya are concluding a ground-breaking six-month Regional Academy for Trainers on Agroecological and Indigenous Peoples’ Food Systems with a final physical training held in Uganda from November 27th-December 1st, where participants will share emerging projects’ proposals and gain advice from expert mentors and professionals. The initiative involved 30 participants from 10 African countries undergoing a holistic training program centred around protecting indigenous peoples’ food cultures and traditional knowledge and biodiversity through agroecological practices in food gardens. Delivered both online and in-person, the Academy’s hybrid structure equipped community leaders with skills in agroecology, indigenous peoples’ rights, and project design.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in workshops, go on field trips to visit Slow Food Communities, Slow Food Gardens, and actively participate in the launch of the newly established Banda – Nakayaga Chicken Presidium.

In the workshops’ sessions, participants are expected to acquire valuable knowledge and skills related to project design, resource mobilization, and monitoring and evaluation. These workshops will empower them to develop effective action plans for their respective communities.

The fieldtrips will provide participants with hands-on experiences, allowing them to witness the successful implementation of agroecological practices in Slow Food Communities and schools. They will have the chance to engage with local farmers, educators, and community members, fostering cross-learning and exchange of ideas.

The highlight of the session will be the participation in the launch of the Banda – Nakayaga Chicken Presidium. This event will showcase the efforts and achievements of local communities in conserving and promoting indigenous chicken breeds. Participants will have the opportunity to witness the unveiling of this important initiative and gain insights from the communities and other key stakeholders involved.

The Academy’s goal is to train community leaders and develop action plans for participants to strengthen indigenous peoples’ food systems in their communities. All participants were tasked with developing a project proposal during the online training sessions. These proposals are designed to apply the knowledge and skills gained from the Academy as well as addressing issues relevant to participants’ local food cultures and food sovereignty challenges.

During this physical concluding session, the projects proposed by each participant will be revised and strengthened for potential funding and implementation in 2024. This Academy will hence support these grassroots initiatives that aim to sustain indigenous peoples’ knowledge and further the Academy’s objective of protecting traditional food systems.

This pioneering training is meant to strengthen the Slow Food Indigenous Peoples networks across Africa. With support from IFAD, Table for Two, Tamalpais Trust and Biovision Foundation, the Academy illustrates how education and empowerment are key to protecting indigenous food cultures and local food sovereignty worldwide. For more information, contact: +256777535575, Email: [email protected]

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