First-Ever Terra Madre Visayas Event to Showcase Food and Culture Biodiversity

08 Nov 2023 | English

In an invitation that sparks excitement and purpose, speakers, culinary experts, and food artisans from all over the country are set to gather in Bacolod City for the first-ever Terra Madre Visayas event, scheduled for November 15-19, 2023. This significant occasion, hosted by the Slow Food Community of Negros, is poised to ignite discussions and collaborations centered around small-scale, traditional, and sustainable food production under the central theme, « Visayas: Food and Cultural Biodiversity. »

The event is set to be a confluence of minds, thanks to the collaborative efforts of esteemed partners, including Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda,  National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), Department of Tourism (DOT), ABANSE Negrense, Provincial Government of Negros Occidental, Cong. Kiko Benitez, Mayor Albee Benitez, Slow Food International, and the Slow Food Community in Negros Island. These organizations have joined forces to create a platform that will resonate with a wide array of individuals, from food enthusiasts and academics to farmers, fishermen, food artisans, processors, chefs, and restaurateurs.

« At Terra Madre Visayas, we are not just attendees; we are participants in a movement that aims to strengthen the Terra Madre network. This is a rare opportunity to bring together the custodians of our food heritage, those who till the land, and those who savor the flavors it yields. We are the bridge between high-quality food production and consumption, » shared one of the organizers.

While educators bring knowledge and research to the table, local communities and their deep-rooted experiences play an equally significant role. This collaborative exchange will help forge stronger links in the intricate web of Terra Madre, reinforcing the collective mission of promoting sustainable food systems.

With a resounding focus on Food and Cultural Biodiversity, the event aspires to demonstrate how individual choices, community efforts, and institutional policies can revitalize not only the soil and land but also often-overlooked regions like mountains, freshwater and saltwater ecosystems, urban areas, and more.

Reena Gamboa, President of the Slow Food Community of Negros and a driving force behind the event, expressed her anticipation: « Terra Madre Visayas 2023 is not just an event; it’s a vision of a sustainable future. It’s an opportunity for all of us to come together, share our wisdom, and collectively shape the future of our food systems and our planet. »

As the first Terra Madre Visayas draws near, the country awaits an enlightening gathering that promises to redefine our understanding of food, culture, and biodiversity. Alongside the esteemed speakers, participants can look forward to engaging in a wide array of activities including Food Talks, Taste Workshops, Cooking Demonstrations, and the Ark of Taste Exhibit. Additionally, Slow Food communities from various regions will showcase food biodiversity and sell their products at the Terra Madre Visayas Market located at the Negros Island Organic Farmers Festival grounds. All of this will be done with an unwavering commitment to sustainability. Bacolod City and the province of Negros Occidental eagerly prepare to welcome participants from across the nation, as we unite in the spirit of Terra Madre to secure a brighter, more sustainable future for our planet.





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