Slow Food Calls on Newly Elected MEPs for Bold Food System Change

11 Juin 2024 | English

 As we reflect on the outcomes of the EU elections, Slow Food remains steadfast in our mission to advocate for sustainable and inclusive food policies that prioritize environmental health, social equity, and the well-being of local communities. 

Marta Messa, Secretary General of Slow Food comments: “We ask the newly elected MEPs to keep a just and inclusive transition to sustainability on top of the political agenda. Looking back at the last five years, there is much we can learn about empowering a just transition. When it comes to food systems, the transition can happen if we involve all actors across the food system, recognising the role that each can play, acknowledging the responsibility that we all have to ensure the well-being of every single person and of the planet. 

The results of the EU elections come after a wave of farmers’ protests against a range of issues including low prices for produce and rising costs of inputs. While the messages of the protests have been diverse, overall, they highlight the urgent need for the EU to support a fair and inclusive transition, by providing coherent policies as well as adequate support. In this context, Slow Food calls on the newly elected members of the European Parliament to uphold the vision and ambitions contained in the EU Green Deal. 

From devastating floods in Germany to heatwaves in Spain, the climate crisis is hitting Europe hard. We cannot afford to backtrack on the little progress that has been made during the last mandate on food sustainability and nature protection. On the contrary, we need to go much further.  

We call on the newly elected members of the European Parliament to: 

  • Put food at the top of the EU political agenda: adopt evidence-based, long-term goals for food policies by increasing multi-stakeholder dialogues and supporting independent science. Farmers and food workers as well as citizens should be engaged in the political process. 
  • Adopt a Food Systems Approach: Embrace a comprehensive food systems approach that considers the interconnectedness of food production, distribution, consumption, and waste, ensuring sustainability at every stage. 
  • Financially support just and inclusive agriculture: ensure that agricultural subsidies are spent on farmers and producers as well as trainings and methods that promote agroecology, while addressing income fairness and rural development. 
  • Champion food biodiversity for climate resilience: support policies that protect and enhance food biodiversity, recognizing its vital role in addressing the climate crisis and maintaining ecosystem resilience. 
  • Make EU trade policies that benefit farmers and food security: push for trade policies that prioritize environmental and health standards, ensuring fair competition and protecting farmers’ livelihoods. 
  • Promote Agroecology: Recentre policies around nature and support agroecology, which integrates ecological principles into agricultural practices, promotes biodiversity, and enhances resilience against climate change. 

As advocates for a sustainable food system, Slow Food will continue to keep a close watch on policy changes and their impacts on agriculture and food systems; work with allies and stakeholders to promote policies that align with our values of good, clean, and fair food; and mobilize our network and European citizens to engage in advocacy and support initiatives that protect the environment, social equity, and local communities. 

Download our Manifesto for the EU Elections 2024


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