Two Animal Welfare Apps

Improving animal welfare in the farming industry has always been a key concern, and the PPILOW project takes significant strides to address and resolve this issue. It has developed two innovative self-assessment apps, PIGLOW and EBENE, to bring transparency and continuous improvement to animal welfare on individual farms.

The PIGLOW and EBENE apps are specifically designed for breeders, veterinarians and technicians, providing them with valuable tools to assess and enhance the well-being of their animals. The apps feature a short, 20-minute questionnaire which covers various aspects of farm management and animal behavior, all aligned with the One Welfare principle. After completing this questionnaire, users receive graphically formatted data which measures the level of animal welfare on their farm along with a final score that ranks them against other European breeders.

To further promote the adoption of PPILOW strategies, the project is also developing business models tailored for organic and low-input outdoor farming systems. By implementing these strategies, farmers can boost the production of high-quality products while simultaneously enhancing animal welfare in poultry and pig production.

The significance of these apps cannot be overstated. They empower farmers and industry professionals to proactively engage in animal welfare assessment, helping them identify areas that require improvement. By embracing such technology, farmers are actively contributing to the overall advancement of animal welfare standards across Europe.

If you’re a breeder, veterinarian, or technician interested in joining this initiative, the PIGLOW and EBENE apps are available for download. Simply click on the links provided below and embark on a journey towards better animal welfare practices and sustainable farming.

Click here to download the PIGLOW app

Click here to download the EBENE app

With the PPILOW project leading the way, the farming industry is moving towards a more compassionate and responsible approach to animal welfare, benefiting both animals and consumers. By striving for continuous improvement and embracing technology, we can pave the way for a brighter and more ethical future in the agricultural sector. Together, let’s prioritize the well-being of our animals and ensure that high-quality, ethically-produced products become the norm.


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