Food for Change Campaign

​​Slow Food and Relais & Châteaux share a passion for quality cuisine that respects local traditions, supports small-scale producers and cherishes the cultural heritage of each and every region. Our partnership combines the expertise of both organizations to create unparalleled culinary journeys that celebrate the best of traditional local flavors and culinary techniques. 

The cornerstone of campaign is the preservation of culinary traditions and the promotion of biodiversity. To achieve this, we work closely with local communities and producers to protect traditional recipes, indigenous ingredients and artisanal food production techniques. 

By celebrating these, we ensure their survival for future generations to savor and appreciate.

“Relais & Chateaux chefs are guardians of biodiversity, acting as stewards of nature’s beauty, which in turn creates resiliency in our food system. Prioritizing soil health results in carbon drawdown and improved water cycles. This is regeneration. This is the future of gastronomy.”

Olivier Roellinger, Vice President of Relais & Châteaux.

  • The Collaboration: A Shared Passion for Gastronomy

    Established in 1954, Relais & Châteaux is an association of more than 580 landmark hotels and restaurants operated by independent innkeepers, chefs and owners who share a passion for their businesses and a desire for authenticity in their relationships with their clientele.

    The partnership between Slow Food and Relais & Châteaux represents a unique opportunity that merges the realms of gastronomy and hospitality, promoting sustainable practices, preserving culinary traditions, and offering exceptional experiences. 

  • Food for Change: the Annual Campaign

    Since 2017, our organizations have run the Food for Change campaign to inspire people around the world to be more mindful about our food system. Each year, the association adopts a different theme to encourage its cooks to promote food biodiversity in their menus, inspire their customers to reflect on the sustainability of gastronomy and present regenerative solutions to combat climate change.

    Education and awareness are key components of the Food for Change campaign. Relais & Châteaux strives to inspire and educate both industry professionals and the general public about sustainable gastronomy. Through various initiatives, such as workshops, events, and educational programs, they empower individuals to make informed choices and embrace sustainable practices in their own lives.


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