A collaboration to support Slow Food Coffee Coalition small-scale producers

De’Longhi’s dedication to preserving the integrity of the entire coffee value chain has fostered a strong partnership with the Slow Food Coffee Coalition which centres on promoting a sustainable approach to coffee production and consumption.

By joining forces with the Slow Food network in 2022, De’Longhi plays a significant part in supporting a more transparent and ethical coffee industry.

“As manufacturers of machines that start with fresh beans and turn them into the coffee we all love, we have a responsibility to protect the people and processes that underpin our business, while bringing consumers closer to the activities that precede their coffee. We are pleased to support Slow Food in strengthening and transforming the future of the coffee industry and providing greater transparency to our consumers.”

Zeno Adami, Global Brand Director, De’Longhi

  • The Collaboration

    De’Longhi believes it is the responsibility of everyone in the world of coffee to transform their products and operations for the better and become more sustainable in the process. By combining their expertise and resources, Slow Food and De’Longhi are embarked on raising awareness, driving change and promoting responsible practices through the following actions:

    • Promoting Sustainable Coffee by raising awareness about the environmental and social impact of coffee production and consumption.
    • Supporting Small-scale Producers by highlighting their traditional knowledge, ensuring fair compensation, and fostering relationships based on trust and transparency.
    • Preserving Biodiversity by emphasizing the importance of preserving heirloom varieties and promoting agroecological farming methods.
    • Advocating for Ethical Coffee by promoting fair trade practices, ethical sourcing and sustainable coffee certifications to improve the livelihoods of coffee farmers and ensure a better future for the coffee industry.
  • A Special Cup

    Together with Slow Food Coffee Coalition, De’Longhi has launched its first specialty coffee “Honduras”, bringing quality, sustainable coffee into the homes of conscientious consumers.

    This speciality coffee comesfrom the Honduran Slow Food CommunityLas Capucas Sustainable Coffee Village» and grows on farm that practices agroecological management. The beans, which are just one part of the chain of custody, present a traceability system.

  • The Future: Revolutionizing the Coffee Industry From Within

    De’Longhi’s partnership with Slow Food and the Slow Food Community “Las Capucas Sustainable Coffee Village” is one of a kind. But the message it sends out is crucial: that driving sustainability in the coffee industry is possible through participation and cooperation of everyone, from farmers and roasters to suppliers and consumers.


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