Indigenous Terra Madre – Abya Yala Peoples

Mexico City

06 Mar - 10 Mar 2024

From March 6 to 10, 2024, indigenous peoples from Mexico and Latin America, and the Caribbean will meet in Mexico City at the 2nd Indigenous Terra Madre – Abya Yala Peoples.


Under the theme “Indigenous peoples resisting at the table to feed the future and stop food colonization” conferences, discussions, taste workshops and cultural events will be held to celebrate the diversity, beauty and deliciousness of indigenous food cultures, to raise awareness around indigenous peoples’ rights and to re-awaken taste.


  • Guardians of Biodiversity and Culture

    Indigenous lands are home to 80% of global biodiversity. Abya Yala, which means the American continent in the Huna language, is home to a significant amount of this diversity, supported by the ancestral knowledge and governance systems of indigenous peoples whose holistic food systems provide innovative answers to global challenges such as climate change and food security.

    In addition, we are facing silent cultural colonization through food, where local ingredients are misappropriated and industrialized, and globalized foods are displacing traditional ones, affecting food identities and leading to food insecurity.

    Throughout history, indigenous peoples have resisted food colonization, preserving seeds, ingredients, food practices, rituals and celebrations in an act that protects cultural and biological biodiversity and cares for the environment.

  • Main Objectives: To raise awareness of indigenous foods

    80 delegates from Mexico and Latin America, and the Caribbean will meet as peoples in Mexico City to discuss and exchange knowledge about resisting food colonization and thus make their actions more impactful.

    Discussions will center on various topics such as how to protect and promote indigenous peoples’ disappearing food systems, the role of peoples as protectors of life on the planet, and the factors that threaten it, jeopardizing the food security and sovereignty of communities.

    Indigenous Terra Madre Abya Yala will also be a celebration where people will showcase the diversity of food products and cultures in Mexico and on the continent, organize taste workshops and celebrations with dancing and singing.

  • A Call for Participation: Join the Movement

    We invite you to immerse yourself in this journey of taste, knowledge and awareness. Discover the richness of indigenous food cultures, learn about resistance and preservation of biodiversity. Join the second Indigenous Terra Madre – Abya Yala Peoples and be part of this unique celebration of food resistance and diversity.

    Book your place now! Write to [email protected]

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