Running for Africa

Race Against Time is a 250km solo race across Greenland. Three days on foot, 60km a day in the tundra, and one day of kayak in the coldest ocean waters in the world, opened up by the retreating glaciers of the world’s largest island. The race connects Greenland to another place which, through no fault of its own, is now feeling the worst effects of the climate crisis: Africa.

The man doing this is Olivero Alotto, leader of Slow Food Turin, a climate activist who’s long been involved in raising awareness of environmental issues and what we can do about them. Today Olivero is running to draw people’s attention to the climate crisis and contribute to a fundraising effort for the growth of the Slow Food Gardens in Africa project.

Africa is responsible for just 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, but suffers some of the hardest and most immediate consequences of the climate crisis, as can be seen in the growing problem of hunger and malnutrition across the continent. To combat this, Slow Food works to promote community food sovereignty through gardens: today there are more than 3100 which involve 50,000 people. A drop in the ocean considering the big picture, but if we can multiply the number of gardens, we can multiply the decisive impact they have for local communities.

Through Race Against Time and Oliver’s race across Greenland we’re raising funds to open new gardens in Uganda and Burkina Faso, train new leaders and promote food sovereignty for African communities.

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