10000 Gardens in Africa

Sow seeds for the future…

In 2016 we reached our goal of creating more than 2,000 food gardens in Africa. Located in schools, cities and villages, the gardens are enabling communities to choose what they grow, eat and sell; supporting local economies; saving Africa’s extraordinary biodiversity; promoting traditional knowledge and food cultures; and allowing us to create a continent-wide network of young people who want to change the future of agriculture in Africa.

But we’re not stopping there: our goal is to create still more gardens, catalogue products at risk of extinction, create Presidia and Earth Markets to help African farmers, herders and fishers, organize educational activities in schools and strengthen local food culture.

The costs of creating a garden is approximately 900 euro:

  • Starting a new school or community food garden
    (Compensation for local collaborators; buying tools; providing training on agroecology, biodiversity and local consumption) 300€
  • Maintenance of existing gardens and network strengthening
    (Compensation for local collaborators; training meetings; knowledge exchanges between communities; organization of local events; participation in national and international events and educational, promotional and political initiatives; scholarships for young Africans)
  • Safeguarding biodiversity and work on the African Ark of Taste
    (Mapping in local areas to identify indigenous plant varieties, their inclusion in the international Ark of Taste catalog and promotion through various activities: in the food gardens, with schools, with chefs etc…)
  • Coordination and communication
    (Management of national and local garden coordinators; technical assistance from agricultural experts; distribution of educational material; communication of the project at a local and international level; analysis and evaluation of the results and impact of the project on local communities) 180€