The Slow Food Indigenous Peoples’ Network

One of the key approaches is the development of programs like the Ark of Taste, Presidia, Earth Markets, and Chef Alliance. The connections between these programs and activities offer opportunities to showcase the vast knowledge and culinary wisdom that has been passed down through generations.

Indigenous Terra Madre events represent another vital aspect of the network’s efforts. These significant gatherings serve as platforms where over 200 Indigenous leaders come together, creating spaces for knowledge sharing, experiences exchange and mutual inspiration. By organizing and supporting these events, the network nurtures stronger connections within its community, fostering unity and empowering Indigenous voices.

Moreover, the network dedicates its efforts to facilitate spaces that encourage knowledge sharing and exchange, with a special focus on enabling Indigenous youth and women’s leadership. By empowering the next generation and recognizing the role of women, the network ensures that their perspectives are heard and valued, thus ensuring the continuity and sustainability of Indigenous food heritage.

The Slow Food Indigenous Peoples’ Network also plays a vital role in facilitating and fostering connections among its members, particularly those facing similar challenges. Through collaboration and solidarity, the network unites communities from diverse regions, creating a path towards a prosperous future that is paved with shared solutions.

Recognizing the significance of community-led efforts, the network provides unwavering support to agroecological, educational and advocacy-related projects that are initiated and driven by Indigenous communities themselves. By promoting community-based initiatives, the network fosters a sense of ownership and empowerment, emphasizing the value of local knowledge and sustainable, equitable practices.

Finally, the Slow Food Indigenous Peoples’ Network advocates internationally for Indigenous people’s food systems. The network raises awareness around the recognition, protection and preservation of Indigenous food heritage in the face of a myriad of global challenges.

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