Discover Slow Food Airbnb Experiences

Slow Food has launched a global partnership with Airbnb to promote sustainable tourism, by providing tourists with unique insights to local food cultures and debates while supporting our local network.

Slow Food and Airbnb work together to deliver social impact experiences – i.e. experiences hosted by non-profit organizations that connect travelers (and locals) to their cause.  This means that Airbnb waves its 20 % fee to Slow Food.

Your contribution, in addition to supporting the host, will help Slow Food implement projects worldwide to empower local communities, promote artisan farmers and producers, and support school gardens and education projects.

Discover the world through Slow Food local communities and its passionate activists.

They await you to discover the hidden gems of local gastronomic cultures, and the projects we carry out every day to preserve food biodiversity and promote sustainability of the food system.
You will learn how to process unique food products, contributing to preventing ancient skills from disappearing.
You will tour our farmers’ markets and meet our farmers with inspiring leaders.
You will sharpen your skills in performing unique recipes with some of the best connoisseurs of local gastronomic culture.

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Mit Lebensmitteln die Welt verändern

Erfahren Sie mit unserem RegenerAction-Toolkit, wie Sie Ökosysteme, Communities und Ihre eigene Gesundheit verbessern können.

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