Slow Food Travel

What is Slow Food Travel?

A sustainable model of tourism based on the exploration of gastronomic traditions and the communities behind them.

Slow Food offers a new model for tourism, connecting inquisitive travelers with Slow Food communities made up of farmers, cheesemakers, herders, butchers, bakers and winegrowers who, along with the chefs who cook their products. As narrators of their territories and guides of gastronomic traditions, these people are unrivaled in providing immersive travel experiences—combining the pleasure of food with culture and conviviality while promoting Slow Food Presidia and Ark of Taste products which are good, clean and fair.

  • What We Do

    Offer territories the chance to unveil their potential as high-quality, unique, sustainable food tourism destinations.

    Help artisan food producers benefiting from tourism. We build local level alliances between farmers, restaurants and hospitality to maximise tourism multiplier effect on local quality food production, and preserve local food biodiversity.

    Bring travellers closer to the preservation of food biodiversity and an understanding of local cultures, identities and gastronomies.

  • What You Can Do

Mit Lebensmitteln die Welt verändern

Erfahren Sie mit unserem RegenerAction-Toolkit, wie Sie Ökosysteme, Communities und Ihre eigene Gesundheit verbessern können.

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