Work on the 8th Slow Food International Congress is underway

22 Jan 2020

The International Congress is a crucial moment in the life of the Slow Food movement, where our political, strategic and organizational direction is decided, from the international level down through all the other levels of the organization to the grassroots on which our network is based.

The International Congress is normally held every four years, and in 2020 it will be held in Turin from October 8-12, at the same time as Terra Madre Salone del Gusto.

The concurrence of the two events is no accident. The International Congress and Terra Madre should propose a consistent vision, each one complementing the other, confronting the same themes in different ways, with the goal of shaping the future of food, accrediting Slow Food as The Food Movement par excellence, i.e. the movement that will be recognized as the world leader in changing the food system, thanks to its projects and the widespread diffusion of its network.

In order to widen participation in this important work as much as possible, we invite you all to read the first three working documents:

  • A letter from Carlo Petrini  which focuses on the gravity of the social and climate crisis of our times, a difficult and complex situation in which we must act with urgency and determination. And we must do so not as single individuals, but as a cohesive community, a multitude capable of making its voice heard, and vigorously pursue its goals;
  • A Call to Action, which invites everyone at all levels of the Slow Food network to think about how they can contribute most effectively to the transformation of the food system in order to guarantee good, clean and fair for all, and to work on three fundamental pillars: the defense of biodiversity, education, and our capacity to involve public institutions and the private sector in our battles;
  • Questions & Answers, useful for understanding how the delegation will be formed, what the next steps are from here until October, and how convivia and Slow Food communities can make their own contribution and define their field of action.

A different, better future is both possible and necessary. In the days of the International Congress and Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, and in the months leading up to these events, let us try to imagine and build this future together.


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