“Wir Haben Es Satt!” Demonstration in Berlin to Bring Thousands of Voices Against Climate Change and Industrial Farming

17 Jan 2020

This weekend, Slow Food joins tens of thousands gathering in Berlin for the annual “Wir Haben Es Satt!” (We are Fed Up) demonstration, which will call on decision-makers to take immediate and consistent actions to protect biodiversity and stop the climate crisis. Protesters from all over Germany and beyond will use the opportunity to voice their discontent with the current industrial agricultural system, demanding healthy food, family farms, organic and agro-ecological agriculture, and fair trade.


Dance, Soup and Talks on Climate and Food

On the eve of the demonstration, Slow Food Deutschland Youth Network, in collaboration with partner organizations, will host the world’s biggest Disco Soup (Schnippeldisko). The Schnippeldisko, with 1.5 tons of unwanted vegetables used for the vegan soup, brings the spotlight on the persistent food waste problem. Every year 1.3 billion tons of food are thrown away worldwide, unnecessarily wasting finite resources such as soil, water and energy, and so further fueling global warming. Slow Food has been continuously calling on politicians to adopt a legal strategy that goes beyond incentives for voluntary action.

The Schnippeldisko will gather Berliners and visitors to chop vegetables for the soup, dance to the DJ’s music and attend discussions on climate and food, agricultural production, watch films and participate in workshops on fermentation, handmade pasta, and honey.

During the event, Slow Food will organize a workshop, inviting people to discuss what does the notion of Good, Clean and Fair food imply for the food system and the people in it?

Voices of Thousands for Sustainable Future

On Saturday, the 10th installment of the “Wir Haben es Satt!” demonstration is expected to gather close to 30 thousand protests near the Brandenburg gate, in central Berlin. This demonstration is supported by thousands of farmers, some of whom spend days traveling with their tractors to the capital of Germany. Together with around 100 civil society organizations, they ask for climate-friendly sustainable agricultural and food systems.

Civil society organizations count on the German government as it is going to assume the EU Council Presidency in the second half of 2020. Germany is expected to push ahead with the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform to bring greener, sustainable, animal-friendly changes in the entire EU’s agricultural sector.

The demonstration kicks off the Berlin’s International Green Week, which attracts European stakeholders and decision-makers to the capital of Germany.

Indre Anskaityte, Slow Food Europe

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