How Will You Celebrate Terra Madre Day this Year?

22 Nov 2016

Every year on December 10, supporters of good, clean and fair food from all around the world celebrate the anniversary of Slow Food. They celebrate in various ways, each showing the diversity and creativity of our network. We call this Terra Madre Day, and whether this will be the first time you’ve celebrated or you are a regular participant, the time has never been more right to gather with your friends and neighbors to be convivial and give life to your bountiful, local food traditions.

Terra Madre Day is essentially a celebration day but it is also an important mission to spread our values to wider audiences through sharing—of food, knowledge, stories of traditions, and what the future of food means to you. Every year, we are proud to see unique activities and important discussions being raised up by our local chapters and other participants worldwide, with food as the centerpiece of this day.

This year, Terra Madre Day has a specific theme; loving the earth and defending the future, coinciding with the theme of our first international fundraising campaign Love the Earth, Defend the Future. Slow Food needs the help of our valuable supporters for these activities, important to the future of not only the organization, but the future of biodiversity itself.

This year, we must use this day to show the strength and resolve of our global network of supporters. The Terra Madre network is broad enough and committed enough to demonstrate that Slow Food doesn’t need “big-money” donations to remain independent. Rather, through the vast, grass-roots network of individuals like you who give in modest amounts, we can stay independent and continue our resolve to protect the future of biodiversity.

Please take time to celebrate Terra Madre Day and to give to the Love the Earth, Defend the Future campaign. With our united spirit we will make a difference this Terra Madre Day.
We look forward to celebrating with you!

For more information on Terra Madre Day, click here.

To find a celebration near you, visit the Terra Madre Day Facebook event or contact your local convivium leader. Also, be sure to upload pictures of your celebration to the Facebook event page!

For more information on the Love the Earth, Defend the Future campaign, click here.

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