Welcome to Terra Madre 2010

20 Oct 2010

We are finally ready to welcome representatives of food communities and many Slow Food members to Turin from October 21 to 25. As well as being two events of huge international significance, attracting media attention from around the world, the biannual Terra Madre and Salone del Gusto represent the most important meeting of the Slow world. Food communities, association members, producers and friends from every corner of the planet will be arriving in the Italian city to meet and get to know each other, and to learn more about food in this explosion of diversity.

As with past editions, it will engage us, at times it will move us, but most of all it will enrich us. I always look forward to these highlights of the Slow Food calendar with complete openness, and also with a little impatience, because I can’t wait to find out what new stimuli the events will offer me this time, what extraordinary stories I’ll hear and what wonderful people I’ll meet.

The strength of these events is diversity itself. Human diversity, a biodiversity evolved in the cultures of communities, in their homelands, in their products, in their knowledge and skills. To have them together in a single place is something that in itself can release all the strength of diversity, always palpable in Turin during these days, making us realize how much the safeguarding of natural biodiversity will play a determining role in our future. Without biodiversity and the bonds we can construct with it we will be orphans, orphans of our Mother Earth.

The Terra Madre world gathering of food communities will once again serve as a symbol of the world’s diversity, highlighted this year by the indigenous languages and cultures featuring in the opening ceremony, the workshops dealing with all the issues closest to our heart and the Terra Madre document that we will draft and present at the closing assembly before delivering it to the world’s governments. It will be once again the strong expression of how much food must return to the center of our lives in order to imagine a better future, before the communities return home, stronger than ever, even more determined to carry out their simple but essential daily work.

This is why I can’t wait to meet all of you in Turin.

Carlo Petrini
Slow Food President

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