23 May 2022

On the 28th of May, Villnöss Valley will become the newest Slow Food Travel destination, the first in Alto Adige / Sud Tyrol province of Italy. 

Villnöss Valley (Val di Funes in Italian, Villnöss in German) is an unspoiled place at the foot of the Dolomites, considered among the most beautiful mountains, whose prominent peaks encircle the entire valley. 

Villnöss boasts the ‘Pearl of the Alps’ award, a quality label for sustainable holidays in the Alps. But above all, Villnöss stands out for the quality and authenticity of its gastronomic offerings: from the small producers on mountain farms (maso) with their cheeses, black bread, and speck, to the vineyards of the Eisack Valley, where world-famous wines are produced. 

A heritage enriched by the presence of cooks and restaurants capable of highlighting the uniqueness of the area. Oskar Messner is one of them with his Pitzock restaurant, skillful in interpreting local products, starting with the meat of the Villnösser Brillenschaf sheep, a Slow Food Presidium. 

Slow Food, with Villnöss municipality and the local Tourism Association, has built a week of events and experiences to celebrate the launch

In addition, more than 20 tastings and experiences will be made available from May to October that will allow tourists and travelers to discover the most authentic food and wine side of this valley nestled in the Dolomites. 

There are now 16 Slow Food Travel destinations worldwide, involving over 600 food producers, hoteliers, and cooks. 

With holidays approaching, You can learn more about them here. Get inspired by Slow Food’s new model for tourism, made up of meetings and exchanges with farmers, cheesemakers, herders, butchers, bakers, and winegrowers who, along with the chefs who cook their products, will be the narrators of their local areas and guides to the local traditions.  

Through our destinations and experiences, you will have a unique chance to stay with our communities, meet our Slow Food Presidia producers, and encounter Ark of Taste products. 


Want to learn more? 

If you want to organize the trip yourself, look at the map and contact the businesses directly. Together with them, you can set a custom itinerary! Or if you prefer to use a travel agency, contact the Val di Funes tourism office:  – [email protected]  

The project for the creation of the Val di Funes/Villnösstal Slow Food Travel destination has been developed with support from the GAL Dolomiti Val d’Isarco, thanks to the European Commission’s LEADER funds, and implemented by the Val di Funes Tourism Agency in collaboration with Slow Food. 


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