UN recognition for Carlo Petrini

09 Jul 2014

On July 7, during the UN Leadership Forum that took place in Turin, Slow Food founder Carlo Petrini received recognition for his work around the world.

Petrini was presented with an award that intends to “celebrate personalities who, through their personal commitment, have demonstrated extraordinary leadership skills in developing local initiatives with a strong global impact. It recognizes those who contribute to the common objective of the United Nations without leaving anyone behind.”

Carlo Petrini has led the international movement for the past 25 years.

The forum was opened by the Deputy Secretary of the UN, Jan Eliasson. It was also attended by Piero Fassino, Mayor of Turin, who expressed his pride about the event and the collaboration with the United Nations: “This initiative is a great opportunity to showacse our city in an international arena.”

Other recipients of the award were:

• Hajo van Beijma, founder of “Text to Change” – a mobile communications program with social impact; founded in Uganda and now active in 16 countries;

• Christen Brandt, co-founder of “She’s the First” – an NGO that sponsors girls’ education in low-income countries in 10 countries;

• Kavita Parmar, a Spanish designer who created “Chain of Prosperity” with the Iou Project – an online platform that connects consumers with producers.

Together, these four great personalities have helped to create a collective consciousness that responds to the values of sustainability and equal opportunities.

Congratulations to all!

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