Three Sessions on the Links Between Food and Climate

14 Sep 2021

The COP26 is right around the corner! As part of its Climate Action Initiative, Slow Food has concocted a tailor-made programme of three training sessions for you. Do you wish to know more about the climate crisis and the COP26? Are you eager to learn what Slow Food is doing to help tackle the climate crisis and how you can be involved? These sessions are for you!

Slow Food kick started its Climate Action Initiative started with an online 24h-conference on June 26th, and we hope this new programme will give you the opportunity to gather additional information and tools to better understand the environmental and climate urgency.

The first session “Food and Climate Emergency – the problem and the solution” took place on August 23rd, providing the attendees with a deeper understanding on the role and correlation between food, farming and the climate emergency, as well as a solid overview on what Slow Food stands for on the issue of climate change. But no panic, you can watch the replay!


If we’ve caught your attention and you wish to follow the next sessions, check out the full programme below!

September 28th – 18:00 CET

What is COP26 and why does it even affect me?  

In a joint letter, civil society organizations and Slow Food draw the attention of the COP26 co-hosts from the United Nations Organization and the European Union on the role of food and farming in mitigating climate change. We urged to ensure that food and farming are included among the priority areas in the discussions at COP 26 in November 2021, in view of the direct contribution of livestock production to GHG emissions, and its indirect impacts through the exacerbation of the biodiversity crisis.

Stand with us, Sign the Slow Food Climate Action Declaration. We want food and agriculture to be explicitly addressed in the final document of the COP26 conference. Our voices together can not be ignored, please sign it today.

What you will walk away with

  • a deeper understanding on what the COP26 and its political role
  • a deeper understanding on what the Slow Food Action Climate Declaration is and how you can contribute

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Meeting ID: 864 2991 9766

October 18th – 18:00 CET

Good, Clean & Fair World – how to set up a Food & Climate Advocacy project

We advocate for the world in which we want to live. We engage both the public and private sectors and always look for the signs that show us how, and with whom, we can achieve a better future. It is important to understand that we cannot do it alone. We forge ties with others in order to defend those who are negatively impacted by the industrial food system. We must do this work both for others and with others. We are the multitudes.

What you will walk away with

  • learning on what you can do to influence the conversation at COP26
  • understanding on how to organise a climate advocacy project in your area

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Meeting ID: 840 0993 6213


Slow Food Climate Action is the Slow Food response to Climate Change. We bare witness to those most effected by climate change. We believe that food and farming are both part of the problem, and that Good, Clean & Fair food for all is part of the solution. Sign the Slow Food Climate Declaration if you too believe that we need a shift from industrial & polluting food and agriculture systems, to one ensuring environment-friendly and local distribution networks of good, clean and fair food. We will present the Declaration with all your signatures at the COP26 in Glasgow this November.

Together we can make a difference!


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