The Queen: when music saves the planet. Max Casacci supports the ECI #SaveBeesAndFarmers

13 Apr 2021

Nature is music and harmony. And Max Casacci, musician and producer of Subsonica from Turin, has turned it into a melody.

A song to save the bees. “The Queen”, the first solo work by Max Casacci, already available in streaming on all digital platforms and in CD version combined with the book Earthphonia – Le voci della Terra, is the third track extracted from the album and is immediately in the forefront of the battle in defence of the environment.



“The Queen” is a baroque musical composition extracted, for the melodic part, from buzzes and sounds of bees and, for the rhythmic part, from beehives and beekeeping tools.  The protagonist is the queen bee, whose sampled sound is transformed into an imaginary oboe, while the baroque style describes, in her honor, the “monarchical” structure of the hive.

Saving Bees and Farmers

Above all, “The Queen” stands by bees and farmers in supporting the European Citizens Initiative “Save Bees and Farmers” (#SaveBeesAndFarmers) promoted in Europe by the coalition in which Slow Food takes part, which aims to reach 1 million signatures.


As Max Casacci himself says: “Much has been said about the fundamental importance of bees in the mechanisms of the food chain and about the emergency of the disappearance of many varieties of pollinating insects” and there is no need to add more to that. If you are reading this article you are certainly no stranger to the subject and can easily understand how important it is to support this ECI.”

If the million signatures are reached, the European Commission will be forced to take a stand and issue an official statement, and the European Parliament to hold a public hearing on the issue.


This is not just a symbolic action, as it can become law throughout the EU. A fundamental action to save bees and pollinators and support farmers in the necessary ecological transition.

If you haven’t already,

sign the ECI to #SaveBeesandFarmers!

To better understand the project and its implementation Slow Food Editore has published the book Earthphonia – The voices of the Earth. Written by Max Casacci in collaboration with the geologist and environmentalist Mario Tozzi, the book includes the CD and collects the testimonies of illustrious personalities such as the plant scholar Stefano Mancuso, the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto, the founder of Slow Food Carlo Petrini, the marine biologist and environmental activist Mariasole Bianco.

The book, already in reprint and being translated for European distribution, allows you to deepen the experience through a QR Code inserted inside thanks to which you caǹ access the streaming of the tracks while reading, video content and tutorials on how it was made in the studio, with a cover that, thanks to a filter available on the musician’s Instagram profile, magically comes alive.

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