The Future We Want

31 May 2016


Last November, more than 600 representatives of indigenous communities from 58 countries gathered in Shillong (Meghalaya, India) to make their voice heard and express themselves about the future of food, culture and life on earth at the second international Indigenous Terra Madre event.

It is increasingly clear that the future of humanity must radically change its current foundation, and must pay great attention to indigenous people, women, youth and the elderly: all the categories that merit little consideration from the economy-driven world. These are the groups that can show us a sustainable future for the planet.

Indigenous communities are the true pioneers of the planet. They have a different concept of development from the one that puts profit and the arrogance of the economy of the strong before everything else. They teach us that the planet’s resources are not unlimited, but are finite. They show the way to the future and they also know what makes happiness.

During the event and in the following months, the indigenous communities drew up an important document, the Shillong Declaration, which highlights their principles, beliefs and objectives. You can read it by clicking on this link.

We have also produced a series of videos. The first, The Future We Want, has been produced in collaboration with the Christensen Fund and IFAD and sums up some of the interviews with delegates from around the world and key moments at the event. You can preview it here.

by Silvia Ceriani

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