TERRA MADRE DAY: It’s not too late to get involved!

02 Dec 2014

It’s only a few days until Terra Madre Day and the Slow Food network is swinging into action on a global scale! December 10th is the chance to acknowledge and celebrate local food, focusing attention on traditional products and cultures from across the world.


It’s not too late to get involved so let your imagination run wild: organise an event, big or small, simple or more involved – the choice is yours! Everyone can take part, even those who haven’t yet joined the network. Anyone who shares the Slow Food philosophy is invited to come up with ideas and put on their own event.


So how can you do this?


There are many ways: visit the Terra Madre Day site to find out more, sign up on the event’s Facebook page – and swap ideas with others – or follow Slow Food on Twitter.


The theme this year is again the Ark of Taste, Slow Food’s international project which is committed to safeguarding products from all over the world at risk of becoming extinct. What better reason to research and raise awareness of traditional local products and nominate them to become new passengers on the Ark?!


As for us, we’ve tried to create an event without borders or boundaries: you can start the day with breakfast at Garnisha Spice Farm, in Australia, tasting delicious fresh products grown by local farmers. Then, move on to lunch in Russia, at the Festival of Vkysa, or pop over to Wales, to talk about the issues which small traditional producers face each day. Continue by tucking in to the unmissable Eat In organised at the organic market in Mexico City, or sample local products in Niger. To finish, you’re spoilt for choice: from cold Helsinki to sun-drenched California, slow dinners are storming cheerfully into restaurants and homes the world over!


This is the chance to show once again that Slow Food’s campaign to safeguard local food starts with organisations and groups in the local area.


You’re the missing ingredient!


Register your event here: https://www.slowfood.com/terramadreday/pagine/eng/registrazione_eventi.lasso


We look forward to celebrating the 6th Terra Madre Day with you!



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