Terra Madre Day 2016 Around The World

12 Dec 2016

Terra Madre Day 2016, held on December 10, saw the participation of thousands of people from countries all around the world coming together to celebrate good, clean and fair food, biodiversity and a new gastronomy that respects the consumer, the producer and the planet.

Slow Food Jakarta in Indonesia hosted a “Feast in the Forest” celebration with the foraging of wild herbs, a community lunch and jam sessions. “Marking a new phase with new faces as they are now the spearhead,  spreading the Slow Food values of good clean and fair while also reaching out to people on the significance of defending our biodiversity. We had so much fun. Our Terra Madre Day was beautifully hosted by Arumdalu Lab, an experimental and educational urban forest and food garden initiated by Albert Pramono and his family.

jakartaSlow Food Manila in Philippines celebrated Terra Madre Day for the very first time. They made colorful dishes with local grains and edible flowers. The convivium leader Paula Arberasturi described it as “a potluck picnic enjoying the fruits of the land with farmers, producers, cooks, chefs, artisans, food activists and people who love food. Today we celebrated Terra Madre day with the rest of the world, to promote a new kind of gastronomy. One that is based on biodiversity, environmental conservation and respect for local cultures and traditions.

local-adlai-grain-with-blue-ternate-and-burrata-from-negrosSlow Food Mahal in Turkey celebrated Terra Madre Day among landscapes in southwest Anatolia that have been farmed for 4000 years. In Taslica, an ancient village famous for its wheat, almond, pulses and wheat varieties, they prepared old recipes with locals of the Bozburun Peninsula, students of Doga Okulu (Nature School) and their friends.

slowfoodmahal2jpgSlow Food USA celebrated Terra Madre Day by asking their supporters to sign the Slow Food manifesto, with a wonderful video accompanying the “pledge drive”.

In Paraguay, the Karu Mbegue convivium hosted a seed event where they exchanged precious seed varieties among indigenous and peasant communities.

15391324_1268789409846804_4527857930771209196_oMeanwhile in Peru, Terra Madre Day was celebrated all around the country with various events. Parallel activities were arranged in Piura, Cusco, Huancayo, Pucallpa and in other regions. The Lima Convivium and the La Molina farmers market celebrated the biodiversity of vegetables with a cevichocho tarwi (a type of ceviche) made by the renowned chef Adolfo Perret. There were special native cacao chocolate-tasting activities for children and a range of local coffee varieties on show.

Thanks to everyone for all their hard work, dedication and passion for all things Slow which made this year’s Terra Madre Day one to remember!

Why is saving biodiversity important?
Over the past 10,000 years, humans have selected thousands of plant varieties. In just 70 years, we have lost 75% of them.

We produce our food by cultivating a tiny number of varieties using chemical fertilizers and pesticides and farming a handful of animal breeds using industrial methods. This kind of agriculture is bad for the environment and for our health. Only biodiversity can save the world. A small donation can make a big difference! Help Slow Food.


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