Terra Madre Day 2010

10 Nov 2010

Terra Madre Day 2010 is shaping up to be just as colorful as our first edition last year, with hundreds of events registered already – from an Eat-In on Durban Beach in South Africa, to a celebration of the food traditions of northern Thailand’s Karen Tribe, and from actions to bring local food to the city of Vancouver to a Bedouin feast in Egypt. 

In Indonesia, the Wild Food Festival will celebrate the food gathering traditions of small villages on the island of Java, offering tastes of dishes prepared by the women who hold the knowledge and skills of the seasonal harvest and cooking which are being quickly lost today. The Bread, Wine and Cheese event will be held at the Hamra Earth Market in central Beirut, presenting the public with a reminder of the rich agricultural biodiversity being lost to the globalized food system by offering traditional breads made from 20 varieties of Lebanese wheat, accompanied by wines and cheeses from producers in the region. Meanwhile, in Kenya, small-scale farmers are invited to ensure their local varieties are not lost by coming together to exhibit, sell, share and discuss traditional seeds at the Traditional Seed Fair event. In the Caribbean, the public is invited to the Eat-In Trinidad and Tobago in the centre of the capital city, officially launching a “Grow local, buy local, eat local” campaign in collaboration with the local government while in Romania, citizens of Cluj-Napoca will have a glimpse into the work being done by the Terra Madre network through the Terra Madre in Shop Windows exhibition throughout the city.

This year, a key focus of Terra Madre Day is 1000 Gardens in Africa, Slow Food’s new project to develop community and school food gardens across this continent and many events are support this initiative by raising funds, adopting a project or establishing a twinning between their own community or school garden and one of the gardens in Africa.

Everyone is invited to join Terra Madre Day, and to register their event on the website, where you can also find the Information for Organizers Guide and a downloadable graphics kit in eight languages that can be used to create your own posters, banners etc. All events that are registered on the website will appear on our world map of events so that locals can join your activities and the whole world can know about them.

Join us on December 10 and raise the voice of good, clean and fair farmers and producers, chefs and consumers to promote a better, local food system. 


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