Terra Madre Brasil 2020: Celebrating Real Food

17 Nov 2020

Today marks the opening of the Third Edition of TERRA MADRE BRASIL, with more than 50 events being held online from November 17 to 22.

The event is entirely dedicated to COMIDA DE VERDADE, or real food, as defined by the Slow Food philosophy of good, clean, and fair.

With so much going on, we’ve put together this short guide to some of the most significant events in the program of Terra Madre Brasil, which will all be held in Portuguese—but wait a moment!—in the weeks and months after the event we’ll work to translate content and release it in other languages too!

The main question that Terra Madre Brasil seeks to answer is this: Given that 150 years ago humanity was feeding itself with 3000 different vegetable species, 90% of which were consumed locally, and that nowadays just 15 vegetable species account for 90% of our vegetable consumption, and just 4 species (wheat, corn, rice and soy) account for 70% of global crop production and consumption… what can we do to save biodiversity?

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